• Your writing is so alluring, your word choice really paints a picture of these creatures. Im interested in the ‘You’ character, is that the reader? Are we supposed to be one of these creatures too or are we about to be devoured as well? The amount that is left unsaid is very interesting, I definitely wanted more, who doesn’t love a good story…[Read more]

  • Samantha Aversano
    A little girl was going to visit her grandmother.
    She skipped along the sidewalk.
    She had flowers in one hand and her mothers hand in the other.
    Her grandmother was just through a monumental black gate.
    When they finally got to where her grandmother was, the little girl realized she wouldn’t be getting cookies at this…[Read more]

  • Samantha Aversano

    The UNIVERSE told me to…
    It was a mistake, take PITY on me, please
    If I had KNOWN what I was doing I would have stopped sooner
    It was an honest mistake.
    Don’t turn your HEADS on us God.
    Aren’t we taught to forgive our brethren?

    Are we not brethren?
    You put me in this UNIVERSE and told us to listen
    Yet you refuse…[Read more]

  • A tiny screen shines on my face
    Under covers that suffocate me in my sleep
    I prefer to be covers,
    So that i’m safe from the darkness.

    I go to bed at 2am
    even though I know I need to be up by 8.
    Even though I know I’ll hate myself in the morning
    That’s a morning problem.

    I wake up startled
    After dreaming about losing my teeth
    Do I…[Read more]

  • The building was gloomy
    Although it was sunny outside
    The curtains surrounded them, it wasn’t at all roomy
    As a girl who smelled like artificial roses sat at a bedside

    Grandma, she whispered Do you remember me?
    Shhh came out of the angel on the bed
    They told me to come that there was a fee to be paid
    One, Two, Three, Four…

    Grandma, W…[Read more]

  • This is Samantha Aversano

  • Both poets are highlighting how a dream can become forgotten. Brooks poem hides it a bit more and on the first read of her poem you might overlook the dream aspect, but Hughes is more in your face about it. They both use deep imagery. In Brooks poem, a “ “Dream” makes a giddy sound” (2) but in Hughes, it explodes. Hughes poem could be seen as a co…[Read more]

  • They danced like construction workers.
    His soft touch was like a cheese grater,
    when he caressed her slimy face.
    They moved intertwined like two south facing poles,
    their dance was like watching static on a screen.
    He ended with a bow and she was no where to be found.

    -Samantha Aversano

  • A smile is a greeting, hello to a friend,
    but not to a primate, for they will bite.
    Braces are like prison,
    freedom is restricted.
    Brushing is like a clean slate,
    scraped of all imperfections.

    -Samantha Aversano