• Written in the wind directed by Douglas Sirk is a melodrama .. so was not very excited to see this film. Melodramas are not my type of movies that I would just want to watch but it never hurts to give films a try. The film revolved around a brother(Kyle) and sister(Marylee) . She was […]

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    Having always heard about this film and how it was so amazing I was pretty excited to watch it! And again the fact that it was in the Horror genre was another plus. This movie always received praise and good reviews  and the director of the film is a great one! The movie centered around a woman who […]

  • Ok me being a huge horror fan I have to say I was kind of excited what that era of film had to offer! I have seen many horror films and people always mention that the classics were one of the best kind of films. But even before the movie started we were informed that the effects were […]

  • Good Observations ! i agree the music did have an impact on the film i feel that it made that movie that much more scary! And wow never realized the whole communist aspect of it but it makes sense. All the change frightened people and some where against it while others gave into it ! […]

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    I like the way you explained how it was not only the main character going through this crisis but most of the country ! And yes the character of maria was a very depressing one to see, she was going through so much in her life with the whole pregnancy and being stuck in this […]

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    i feel the same way the story of this film is not very interesting but i still enjoyed it for some reason. The actor/ actress picks were great enjoyed them very much ! The concept of the film was a little odd and somewhat boring the scenes should of been cut down like the scene […]

  • The effects in this movie were really something else , never thought some bubbles would creep me out haha I liked your observations about the town square if that was me I would be equally freaked out ! Liked how you described the changes in the music because i feel like it played a big […]

  • i never even knew this movie had a novel version so that was good to find out the ending to this movie was not a cheerful one so I’m glad to know that at least the novel had something less depressing ! The doctor was one of my favorite characters as well and as u […]

  • “The Gaze” “She Knows His Type” (The Lady Eve, mirror scene) The male gaze is an important topic we have learned in our media class. This idea of the male gaze was first published in a book by Laura Mulvey’s , the books title was “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema.”  In this book she used ‘psychological theory’ […]

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    This movie was my favorite that we have watched so far as well ! The humor definitely played a big part in that. I completely agree with your analysis of the character of Charles, you were right on the money with that! He is a very naive man and clearly does not know what true […]

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    Could not agree with you more , this movie dragged on SO much! and black and white movies not my thing either haha. I also feel that the actor chosen to play the murderer was a great choice. He conveyed that creepy/killer vibe and gave a great performance! The movie was good not great but […]

  • I agree with you ! crime movies tend to be my favorite genre too , I guess its something about the whole godfather feel that I like haha ! the movie was definitely trying to get a point across and sometimes that point might not of been that clear. These old gangster movies shaped how […]

  • Scene analysis from The Lady Eve ( dir. Preston Sturges )   10 shot scene from when Charles first enters Jeans room and where they have their first intimidate conversation. 1. Shot 1: (:10) Framing: medium shot, Camera shot: straight on, Description: Jean and Charles walking into a room, Jean turns on the light and throws a […]

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    Thumbnail M (1931) has to be the first black and white movie I have watched in … well ever. Honestly I was not very excited to watch this movie since it was in another language but obviously had no choice. A movie really has to grab a person’s attention and I guess for me it did not do that as much as i […]