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  • I actually did not know that Prince Royce did a cover to Ben E. King’s song. But it was so wonderfully done. Prince Royce always does have a certain flair and charm that you just have to listen to him sing, and let your body and spirit move. So I can see why Ben E. King performed with him. You did a great job explaining why this was a successful…[Read more]

  • If I was able to use emojis, I would have three flames, with some clap hands, and the 100 sign in just that order. I completely agree with you when you said it took such a long time for black people to have their voices heard. And it took even longer to have videos being directed the way that they actually want (which I hope I’m right on). I’m…[Read more]

  • You stated the exact reasons why I did not want to watch or play video games that were within the horror or jump scare games. Video game creators make sure that the sounds match up with what was in the movie, and make it even more realistic. So playing this at home, either alone or in the dark would leave me frightened for many days.

  • While reading your post, I couldn’t help but feel nostalgia for middle school and high school. I remember that ever since Apple released their iPods and new generations each year. I would bed my mother for one, knowing I wouldn’t get one. Until my 13th birthday came around, my mom got so tired of me begging (also my upkeep on grades helped me…[Read more]

  • Music can be used for good or evil. If there is something good, there is bound to be something bad about it as well. For music, or sound in general, frequencies are used to make a sound. And those frequencies can create something so smoothing or something so horrible that it can literally damage your body and mind. I’m not shocked with music or…[Read more]

  • It’s alright if you don’t like them. I guess it was a good thing that they broke off. Yes, The Fugees did do a lazy job, but this song was done before they broken off and we’re going through so much drama. Which you can say not much thought was really given to the production of this song. If it wasn’t for Lauryn Hill and her voice, this song…[Read more]

  • In response to Will Cheng “Monstrous Noise”, I want to shine a light on a recent scary movie that came out. It’s called “A Quiet Place” directed by John Krasinski. I have not watched this movie as of yet, but I […]

    • I read that they put music in the movie because they didn’t want it to still feel like a normal film. But I think another factor would have been that horror movies are just much more effective with non-diegetic sound cues. If you try muting a horror film it doesn’t seem scary at all, it robs it of most of the tension.

    • I would never watch this movie but that is a personal thing. I will say that something about silence does change the mood of a movie. Many times when something unexpected or scary is about to happen there is usually a lot of silence. It does make me think about how accustomed we are to hearing noise. Noise is just something that we continuously hear even when we think it is silent. We are so used to hearing our surroundings that we don’t realize how privileged we are to have that ability. Side note, I’m excited for the use of sign language in this movie. I can tell the media industry is slowly becoming more inclusive.

    • I actually really want to see this film for several reasons. I love that the cast communicates using sign language. I used to watch a show on Freeform called “Switched at Birth” where many of the characters were deaf or hard of hearing. I think it’s incredible that the deaf community is getting more recognition and representation. I also agree that this film uniquely uses sound and again, I think that it’s incredible that it found a unique way to incorporate deaf artists into mainstream media realms. I absolutely love horror films!

  • We recently talked about music videos slowly becoming short films or having more in-depth details and symbolic reasoning. Four days ago, (May 6, 2018) Childish Gambino released a political rated R music video […]

    • I completely agree with your analysis of the “This is America” video And i feel like you did great research and finding examples of some of the fine details about the visuals. Now this “singularity” song, this is something else. i don’t know anything about Taehyung, nor do I understand the lyrics, yet. But if I am going just based off of the visuals it says so much. From what you explained the song is about loving yourself, (and I may just be thinking too def into what I’m seeing) but I also can see how he is promoting duality in harmony. Duality is hard to explain but the way I understand it is basically like two contrasting concepts in life that shouldn’t be able to coexist in a way. Things I’ve been reading about it basically say that in order to reach a place of “oneness” and peace duality can’t exist within you. However I think that’s total crap, and our society today is a perfect example of that. So some examples of why I think thats displayed here:
      – The way the video opens up with the clothes on the hook and him kind of resisting and walking away, then later in the video the entire group is dancing with the other clothes on the hook, seems like some kind of acceptance of it.
      -The scene with the Jabbawockeez; I know they always dance with the masks but I do think the it was representative of something especially because he is dancing with them alone. possibly representing multiple selves that he is in tune or at peace with.
      -lastly the lights shining two different colors on each side of his face and then he puts the mask thats one solid color over it.
      Like I said I’m a super over-thinker but I love when artists don’t just give you flat out answers and leave room for mystery and assumption. Awesome post!

    • This entire video blew my mind. There is so much going on in this video that I had to watch it multiple times and this is not the type of video that you can only watch once. I don’t know if this is a common question about the video but the first question that popped into my head when I watched the video was “why is he shirtless?” I know that is a weird question to ask considering everything that is going on in this video but I don’t doubt that any part of the video was done unintentionally. In other words his choice to not wear a shirt is deliberate and is possibly representative of something.

    • One thing I hugely appreciate is the fact that Music videos are more about telling stories as opposed to the old “having a party, dancing and getting drunk while blowing lots of money” plot. artists are putting more thought into their storylines thus creating an excellent execution of both the music and the visual representation of it.
      The symbolism shown throughout Childish Gambino’s “This is America” has proven not to be for the average audience. You have to be willing to see the message behind his whimsical yet powerful dances and facial expressions. But come as they always do, a disappointing number of people who’ve seen the video are quick to ignore the message but even quicker to create memes and gifs on it. ‘Tis a sad technological world we live in today.
      BTS as well had my undivided attention in the “Love Yourself” video. You can tell that they carefully thought out what ways would perfectly symbolize the message we want our fans to take from this.
      Now more than ever Artists are beginning to shed light on important individual and societal issues and I love it.

  • It has been two years since the release of the album and visuals of Lemonade which has taken the world be storm. With the specific detail of costumes, lyrics, visualization, music and all other elements that made […]

    • Well coming across this post it’s cool to notice that certain music videos are starting to become short films and it’s something different where it will catch the eye of individuals. I would say the Pharell’s song Happy that music video was really like a day long if people haven’t seen the whole music video, but I believe this could have been one of the doors into making music videos longer and/or into short films. Moving along though Beyonce’s Lemonade music video a lot of work was put behind it where it’s message is hitting the viewers hard with reality and everyday struggles just how Sarah mentioned for black women and African Americans as well. For instances like this video is great due to that it’s something new and will catch the viewers off guard and intrigued with whats being displayed and it’s hardcore messages. When there’s change people sometimes don’t know to approve or disapprove but if it relates to reality it’s hard to not be involved and see changes that catches everybody’s attention because if most of the world is like me I would like to see more realness and new flavor.

  • While reading Riot Grrrl by Lisa Darms and Johanna Fateman, I can’t help but to think about the first zine that I held in my hands, and not truly knowing how important it was and the history that was behi […]

    • Representation is definitely very meaningful. A friend of mine was recently telling me that part of her love for the band HAIM is that they are three proudly Jewish women who are also rock stars and she is really inspired by them as a Jewish woman herself. They are not shy about this part of their identity, even telling stories about playing a Jewish deli for one of their first shows and being paid in matzah ball soup. And my friend isn’t alone in finding the band so meaningful:

    • That’s so fun that you’ve made your own Zines!! I didn’t even know what “zines” were until I read the article for class. It’s such a great forum to release creative expression and represent “girl power.” Honestly, maybe I’ll make a Zine tomorrow just cuz I feel like i missed out on the opportunity to do so in its prime time

    • Seeing as I am the only man commenting on this matter I believe everyone should have the freedom to do whatever they please, but besides that I find this to be very interesting. Having an older sister and my relatives which are predominantly female cousins it’s good to see as women they are strong and able to express themselves in anyway possible to be heard or etc. I look at this subculture where women are making a standing in every category possible which in the past they have been denied to show they are capable to handle or do something better then men. To be honest I don’t knock on any female doing anything better than a male because in reality women are smarter and capable of doing things just as us men. Take it however you want to but to see women the music industry to make business booming is dope because let’s keep it real females with great features are a plus but to establishes themselves as smart, motivated, and have courage go a long way in making moves. Like they say actions speak louder than words, and I believe over the years females have established themselves in accomplishing any tasks given to them to show the world.

  • When you’re listening to your favorite songs, it’s best to believe that five other covers were made as well. When these covers are made, there are usually released online on platforms such as  Youtube, Face […]

    • I was never really a fan of this song, because of how lazy I felt the sampling was done. Yes, it was 1996 and sampling has advanced since then but adding the fact that the chorus lyrics are also from another song throws the whole thing off for me. I get the idea of the song and how they put a hip hop spin on it but I feel like it could’ve been executed differently. However, in 2004 Mario Winans released “I Dont Wanna Know” Using the same vocals by Enya in a different and more upbeat way than it was sampled on “Ready or Not”. In the fugees song it was more haunting than in Winans’ song. Also Winans added some soft piano melody, subtle synth hits, and a more prominent drum beat. Just that makes the song sound more original than just mixing two songs and rapping over it. I think that also, technically, makes Winans’ song a sample of the Fugees song in a way. Sorry for bashing Fugees, although I really don’t like them or their music, I prefer Lauryn, Wyclef, and Pras solo music. I was also glad to see that someone else talked about sampling in a hip hop song.

      • It’s alright if you don’t like them. I guess it was a good thing that they broke off. Yes, The Fugees did do a lazy job, but this song was done before they broken off and we’re going through so much drama. Which you can say not much thought was really given to the production of this song. If it wasn’t for Lauryn Hill and her voice, this song would’ve actually been a flop.

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