• ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬I must say I do like the idea of incorporating multimodal tools in a composition or English classroom. I would, however, want to ensure first that I was familiar enough with the technology to be able to not only introduce it to my students, but also to answer any questions that might arise as I […]

  • I had an issue with two of the many theories and reasons discussed in this essay regarding why students write poorly. One was Shaughneesy’s error theory (186)– I do not think at all that students’ errors in their writing is a product of their trying to “do the right thing” which they have not been […]

  • Reading Rebecca Moore Howard’s article caused me to rethink my own ideas about plagiarism a bit, I must admit. When she discussed the idea of “patchwriting” as something that is a normal part of a student’s learning process, I agreed with her, but only to a certain extent. While I feel it is important for […]

  • I have to say I agreed with most of what Rebecca Moore Howard says in her essay about collaboration, and a few key points stood out to me in particular. First, I think it is crucial that we attempt to prepare our students not only for the work they will have to do in college […]

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    Initially I was not sure whom I agreed with more, Elbow or Bartholomae, but after reading both of their opinions for this week, I must say I definitely side with Elbow. I, too, feel that there is a split between myself as a writer and myself as an academic. I also agree with him on […]

  • I had two major responses to the essay by Bartholomae – my first is to his notion that teachers of writing should not be writing with their students because they should be too busy with their own work. For all of his talk about indoctrination in students, and his theories about how we can motivate, […]

  • In reading this week’s essays, the idea which jumped out at me over and over again was that of what is right or wrong in terms of teaching writing. It was interesting to me that Patricia Bizzell talked about how she had had the nerve to teach a course in writing in conjunction with Social […]

  • One of the things that stood out to me most while reading these articles (other than the fact that universities look down upon writing courses so much, which shocked me) was when Brandt discussed the racial gap and the struggles of minorities in terms of literacy and socioeconomic advantage or disadvantage. I think it’s extremely […]

  • Of the three reading we were assigned to do for this week and which we discussed in class, the one I found most interesting was the Murray article. First and foremost, I have to say I agree with just about everything he said, and I think that focusing on the product rather than the process […]

  • In rereading Bernstein’s essay, I found that much more of it made sense to me than at the beginning of the semester. In September I mostly skimmed through it, and here and there a sentence or an idea jumped out at me, but most of the time was spent scratching my head. Now, however, I […]

  • First and foremost I have to agree with Nick about the videos posted for this week. While I admit I am a bit unfamiliar with slam poetry aside from a few performances I’ve watched online, the general idea I had about it was much more of Smith and Mali’s performances. They spoke both to and […]

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    Right off the bat, I have to honestly say I had a bit of a hard time getting through the readings for this week. I knew the excerpts of Austin’s book were going to be difficult to get through when he started off by comparing grammarians and philosophers. While they made some interesting points, the […]

  • So I know I’m a bit early with my posting, and I know that not all of the texts / videos are up yet, but I have a bit of a crazy week ahead of me so I figured better early than rushed at the very last minute. Right off the bat, I had a […]

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    I have to admit, right off the bat, that I enjoyed this week’s jazz/beat poetry much better than last week’s sound poetry (or music, or whatever we all decided it was in the end..I’m still not quite sure). The piece I found myself reacting the most to was the American Haikus by Jack Kerouac. I […]

  • One of the things which I most reacted to in the course of doing the readings for this week’s class was the Phaedrus excerpt. It got me thinking about a lot in terms of what the value of writing really is (or is not, I suppose). I was particularly interested by a quote from Thamus […]

  • One of the things which struck me most about Baraka’s poem, and the way in which he read it aloud, was the distinct rhythm of an almost “non-rhythm” he used in helping his words. To flow. The choppiness of his choice of words, such as the repeating and stuttered phrases, made it difficult to pay […]