• I see you used Avatar for last week’s readings as wel. And you’re right, Avatar’s story did suck. The technologies of the movie totally took over, and that’s why it got such rave reviews. I think part of it too is the whole “James Cameron” name. They think because he made a huge movie like […]

  • This week’s readings had a lot to do with recent technologies.  Friedberg’s reading was probably one of my favorites so far this semester.  She brought up Marshall McLuhan’s famous words “the medium is the message”.  I’ve heard these words in every media studies class since I first started media studies, and always knew what it […]

  • I though this post was really interesting! The Amos and Andy pictures are really crazy. In the movie that Professor Herzog showed last week, the man in the movie used black makeup, but seeing it up close is actually…really offensive! And you’re right that there is a huge history of black representation in films, and […]

  • Hooks describes what it is like to be a black woman. She refers to “the gaze” quite a bit, and how black people that were enslaved were punished for gazing. She continues on to talk about how mainstream cinema and television enhance the misrepresentation of black people, and in a sense, sway the way society […]

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    The example that you used about Pulp Fiction is spot on. I was also thinking about a combination like the Lethal Weapon movies with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, but in a sense, I think that Mel Gibson seems to still be the dominant of the two. And your right – society does have a […]

  • For my paper, I’m going to be researching “Psycho” by Alfred Hitchcock. The readings for this week were supposed to, in a sense, aid me in my research. However, the reading by Laura Mulvey kind of confused me. “The paradox of phallocentrism in all its manifestations is that it depends on the image of the […]

  • I think I’m going to write my paper on Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.  For it’s time, I thought it was an amazing movie and Hitchcock is definitely the original man of horror.  There are so many elements of the film that are debatable, especially when it comes to psychoanalysis.   The whole reason for the title Psycho was due to the mental […]

  • Robert Stam’s “Colonialism, Racism, and Representation” was very interesting. Stam identified the victims of racism as “those whose identity was forged within the colonial process”. I had never heard of racism being described that way, mostly because I think of the present and how things are today. Also, before racism had even appeared on the […]

  • I found the readings for this week to be just as difficult as last week! They were a little hard to follow but hopefully I absorbed the right things out of them… Kael’s “Circles and Squares” was definitely the most difficult reading, by far. From what I gathered, she has a negative view on the […]

  • The way that you described the Disney movies is EXACTLY what I meant by reproductibility, but I think I worded it wrong (haha). The way that things have been made in the past were very traditional and poor quality but as these works of art are being reproduced, they are better quality and very must […]

  • When thinking about the relation of cinema to reality, Belasz really made me see a connection with closeups. Belasz wrote, “The close-up has not onnly widened oru vision of life, it has also deepened it. In the days of silent film, it not only revealed new things, but showed us the meaning of the old.” […]

  • I took a surrealism class and TRUST ME Breton is not easy to understand. What Breton really tries to say is that true cinema can only be expressed through the unconcious. According to him, thoughts have too many limitations and you can only go so far without doing or saying things that will be rejected […]

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