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    You touched on a very important and interesting point regarding infrastructure. Poorer neighborhoods do lack the efficient infrastructure however, what people do not realize is that if you invest in those poorer neighborhoods not only will you help the people in the general population of that area, but you will help the economy of that area too.…[Read more]

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    There is no doubt that since Donald Trump became the president elect that there has been a fear lingering among many immigrants both legal and illegal as to what this election would mean for them. However, we touched upon an important subject in class regarding how genuine this shift towards mass deportations actually is. (Even before Trump was…[Read more]

  • Reading all the articles assigned to read about the problems regarding “public space” I notice that there are a wide variety of problems affecting public space, how we view it, and how we regard it. One issue rai […]

    • Public space is really important to have available to us. I agree with Sean on his example of Flushing Meadow Park and how they want more buildings and businesses to be built there. I think if there isn’t a need for it in the community then it shouldn’t be built. And if there is a need for it, it shouldn’t be built in a space already in use, like Flushing Meadow Park. However I know there must be concern with the “junkyard” where there are businesses that sell car parts and how it doesn’t make the neighborhood look good and it creates the idea that a hotel, or a shopping mall would make the neighborhood look better. Instead, we should be focused on preserving that space and the small businesses there as well. The amount of public space and what they do with it is the main problem and should be fixed.

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    I believe that the there is a difference in “affordable housing” and “public housing.” Affordable housing was designed to cater to the lower middle class and provide somewhat of relief to allow for greater social mobility. The fact that 1 in every 20 people in NYC are living in affordable housing shows two very important things. One that you have…[Read more]

  • While we have come a long way in the United States regarding segregation, we still have much room for improvement in this far from perfectly integrated society. While Whites and Blacks no longer have to use […]

    • I agree that racism still exists today, but not nearly as bad as it was years ago. I feel as though whites and blacks are still segregated but its not as obvious and out in the open anymore, its hidden more. People who haven’t been in situations where they are discriminated against would have no idea about the segregation that still very much exists. I also agree with the fact that separating low income children and grouping them altogether isn’t helping the situation of segregation. Although they all have one thing in common, which is coming from a low income family, it doesn’t mean they should be treated and placed in different classes.