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    I do agree that women just don’t have a strong presence in a particular or many subcultures for that matter, but I think its not men’s fault. It is important to look that females outnumber the males in this country, so representation should not be a problem. Why do males and females flock to male-dominated subcultures? I believe, if women wanted…[Read more]

  • I agree, a lot of musicians use the same sound that has been popular through the years so that they too, can be popular. Every song now a days seems so similar, especially on the radio. The same garbage is played 24/7. We need to have a system where we provide incentives for a different type of music, different ways of expressing ourselves.

  • With what Michael is saying, I also wouldn’t go to Beyonce as a choice of music. But i do respect her views and note that the platform that she has to talk to the younger female audience about taking in pride of themselves is very important and should be supported. We live in an age where women are objectified, no doubt about that. Music videos of…[Read more]

  • How does the article do a good job discussing music as a form of torture. It does shed a lot of light on it actually existing, yes they do mention once or twice what happens, but does it mention the effectiveness? How many times did it work? I would like to the details to fully justify music as torture, but it did teach me a lot about the inner…[Read more]

  • As always, love reading your responses, especially for rap. I haven’t heard of any new songs by HOV to be honest, but I do agree he just matured. He expanded to other markets, such a athlete agency where he represents athletes. He knows how to get money, and as of rn, music is not that important. Continue to dominate other aspects of the industry…[Read more]

  • I love my music and I totally agree that it acts as background music to my life. If am not using my Ipod, I am using Pandora and I can tell you straight up I have the free version with lots of commercials between the songs. The disruption of my music is annoying and really puts me in a miserable mood. And I have to agree, I ignore everything when…[Read more]

  • You make really good points with how expensive it is. It is true, I hate going to clubs as well, I wouldn’t justify spending 600$ on anything except my car insurance. I think it is a way of showing off you have money and feeling cool – in the moment, and probably with a large group of people to split the bill. If people just go there to get drunk…[Read more]

  • To say the least, I was greatly surprised about using music as a form of torture. I am not sure I heard this before and I am not sure how it entirely would work. The fact that there are numerous US-run detention […]

  • I stand very opposed to the author and have some very strong opposite views from her. Let’s be clear, if you are a feminist, this will not be something you want to read. I am open for discussion though.

    It […]

    • I read your article and it was interesting. I watched Miley Cyrus’s performance and at that time of the performance I didn’t found her performance as racial insensitive. However, I watched clips of the performance, in a way her insensitive because the dancers dressed as bears (who are black) were treated as objects. She began to push them as they were her toys. I said ok, that racial insensitive

    • Your post was very interesting. Its crazy to see how fast Miley Cyrus’s has changed. It was very insensitive and the bears were seen as objects and I completely understand what she was trying to convey but it was insensitive

  • This took a little bit to understand fully, but Richard Dyer is expressing his views on the impact of Disco on gay culture. He first establishes his notion on Disco and capitalism, saying that although many think […]

    • When Sebastian refers to disco as being capitalistic and “using expensive equipment,” is he referring glamorous to instrumental equipment like the synthesizers, electric guitars and large drum sets or all the expensive, glitzy and glamorous clothes the singers wear?

  • This was definitely one of the most interesting articles that I have read as it gives a lot of insight on what actually happened during Woodstock. You always hear about Woodstock and the significant it had on the […]

    • i just read the article and it was fascinating. Like you, I read the story about Woodstock and it was astounding of interviews of those who were in Woodstock. For me, I feel that Woodstock was a concert for artist to express themselves through songs. Songs that are about racism. sexism, drugs or other situations.

  • This was a really good description of both songs and although I greatly dislike Taylor Swift (sorry haha) it does make we want to see the cover version if it is from a male perspective. It would be nice for you to post a video link on here for easy access, but I can always google it. There is just one thing I would like some clarification, I am…[Read more]

  • One of the most renown cover songs that is praised to be a much better version, both by the critics and the author itself, of the original song called “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails is the Johnny Cash version. Alt […]

  • I would like to research the beginnings and origin of the modern day hip-hop culture which arose in the late 70’s and early 80’s. The beginning of the early hip-hop is definitely different than the era of the […]