• I just think she is a really interesting motherly character, because in general terms the most I can say is she means well, but damn she is so annoying and I just want to slap her or hope someone else does before she singlehandedly ruins all her daughters lives

  • I agree with you. Thank God for independent record labels! I can’t imagine a music industry with out Aretha or Tina. I am a rock junkie when it comes to music. I love most of its sub-genres, but i love indie music, and some of my favorite artists come from independent labels. I couldn’t imagine […]

  • Obviously, the most interesting part of this week’s reading was about The Beatles. I grew up listening to The Beatles, so I have basically been brainwashed by my father into loving them, and believing they were great. Everything my father said about them I was taught to believe. However, my father is very biased and […]

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    The one thing I found interesting about this chapter was the fact that the technology was their long before the “revolution of sound” it just took a specific event to catalyze the mass producing of the technology. To me, the only thing that upsets me,and is true with any medium,is the fact that big business […]

  • The thing that gets me about Bebop, is the fact that it has influenced so many other musical singers and groups. But one thing I have learned is that even though Bebop was originally an African American musical “movement” the “whites” have taken it over. When you look at such artists as Elvis, he ultimately […]

  • For my research topic, I will be studying the music and the artistic elements of the Beatles. Not only have The Beatles heavily influenced rock and roll music but, they have pioneered many sub genres as well.  Also, I would like to further study the impact the group has had on culture and society. Looking […]

  • High Fidelity at Last Through out the years during the electrical era many new technologies were coming about to improve sound recording.  During the years  elapsing from the 1930s to the 1960s sound recording saw major improvements and basically revolutionized the recording industry. The exchanging of technologies between the “talking machines, radio, and talking pictures” […]

  • In the case of Tyler Clementi, obviously we see how ignorant males do not take into account the idea of what gender really is. We know it to be perceived and learned through society, culture, and family. Clearly the boys who posted the video perceived and learned gender based on traditional gender norms and biases. […]

  • ThumbnailSara Koumou Media Studies 320W Professor Fuqua Conference Paper 9/21/10 “Men act. Women appear” John Berger Men are proponents of the gaze. Women are the objects of what the men are gazing at. In classic Hollywood the idea of women being the object of the gaze is seen in most of the films of that era. […]

  • I never heard this song before, but it is a really pretty song.(Kudos for Cold Play to giving nods to The Beatles) Listening to it for the first time, I really got an eerie feel especially at the end of the song where its just Chris’ vocals and the piano. At the beginning I feel […]

  • I like T Pain as an artist personally but I never really thought of him as an artist who changed the industry. You brought to my attention that he was the first hip hop/rapper to use the autotuner in his music. I would definitely that most critics looked down on hip and wrote him off […]

  • Through out the course of history, there have been many elements that have influenced popular culture and society significantly. One phenomena that has greatly influenced popular culture over time is the music industry. Society turns to music for relief of their tumultuous lives, and has become a major keystone for influencing the public. One band […]

  • I also, had so many problems setting up my blog. It was very daunting to me to even do this. I never really jumped on the whole twitter band wagon, so I saw parallels to twitter and the blog. I just though why would people want to care enough about what I am writing about. […]

  • I think it is really interesting how during the great depression many used media as a way to escape the economic hardship and how it affected their lives. They used it as a form of fantasy to immerse themselves into that was completely opposite as per what was happening in the world during that time. […]

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    Millard 8,9,13 Empires of sound When reading through this chapter, what I found most interesting was how the media during this era were all specifically linked together. I never realized or even thought for that matter, that the top media studios/giants today came out of the “Empires of Sound”. They set up the foundation for […]

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    Hi, I’m Sara Koumou. I’m a senior obviously majoring in Media Studies concentrating on Marketing, Advertising, and PR. I minor in BALA and also am a student athlete on the softball team. I love almost all types of music but my favorite genre is Rock. I listen to most sub genres of rock, so if […]