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  • Thumbnail Calendar (1993) is a film by Atom Egoyan. The film is about the process of a photographer shooting pictures in Armenia for the use in a calendar and his wife falls in love with the Armenian driver on that trip. What makes this film interesting is that the narrative is different from the conventional one. It […]

  • ThumbnailSans Soleil (1983) is a film by Chris Marker. The film is about a diary of a fictional traveler, Sandor Krasna, being told by a female narrator. The film is formed by lots of short footages. They are either joined together by a calm and emotionless female voice or one footage is suddenly frozen and then […]

  • ThumbnailThe Red and the White (1968) is directed by Miklos Jancso. It is a film that describes a story of the war between the Red Army and the White Army. As the film has stated at the beginning, Hungarian backed the White voluntarily and fight against the Red during the Russian Civil War. Although Jancso is a Hungarian, […]

  • Yes, I did give attention to these features. I think the “responsibilities” mentioned in the readings is exactly what you said about “commitment to political criticism” and I could hardly find his crticism. (All I can think is that the war between the Red and the White hurt and humiliate innocent people. Is that what […]

  • I have difficulties to understand “The Red and the White” but it has nothing to do with the language. Actually, I did not know what I should focus on or be aware of when I was watching it yesterday in class. The scenes are fast changing and there is basically no plot. In one of […]

  • The make-up of the little girl in The Exorcist is really scary! And I believe that it was a breakthrough at that time!

  • This is my portfolio. Enjoy!


  • “The process of revision allows room for correcting sentences-level errors, but the emphasis in the development of critical thinking skills lies in the act of revision” (Wild 23). “Revision, the act of seeing again and anew and to subsequently integrate one’s insights into re writing, might serve as a basis” (Wild 23). When doing the […]

  • I also like how she analyzed every scene, but i dont agree that inserting some kind of Kino-Pravda feel can achieve Vertov’s idea

  • I love how Jenny said about the orange color and how the color was related to the art piece. And I love what Ikey said about the “loneliness” and “sympathy”! They both expressed my ideas completely!

  • that’s true…and i am not sure why Patricia runs after Michel and tries to see if he is fine….i guess women are complicated and we are born to be sentimental…

  • I don’t know much about woodstock, so I really want to know why ur friend thinks that it isnt good.

    The Hulk, I heard that many people didn’t like it.

  • Hey! Did anyone watch Taking Woodstock ? It is a film by Ang Lee and he is one of my favourite directors! What I know about Woodstock is all from this film. I always think it is kind of weird that a Chinese who makes films which are about American culture…but anyway, I like Brokeback Mountain and his […]

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    Sinyee Cindy Leung December 5, 2010 ENG 110 Program notes: “Kino-Pravda” Film Essay “Kino-Pravda” Film Essay (2010) is a documentary-like video, which is about the art piece, Frame and Five Arcs, created by Jacob Grossberg in 1978. It is directed by Sinyee Cindy Leung and it lasts for eight minutes and forty-eight seconds. Queens College […]

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    I mean I have never watched a movie or TV show which is about a serial killer keeping killing another serial killers…

  • I definitely agree with you about Patricia is an independent woman. And I think that dialogue is trying to show her hesitation between Michel and her career or maybe freedom! By the way, I dont think Patricia has asked that question to Michel…I think it is Parvulesco, the novelist, who is asked to answer that […]

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    I like the jump cuts too and I think this is the reason why the film is “constantly entertaining”.
    I was VERY surprised by La Jetee! And it reminds me that, after all, film is a combination of many still photos.

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    Though I have never watched it before, I think its plot is petty interesting cause I have watched a movie or TV show which is about a serial killer keeping killing another serial killers… I would definitely watch it when this semester ends! Thanks for sharing! What I am wacthing recently are Lie To Me […]

  • -The summary of the video: who did the video? What is it about? How long is it? -The feelings and comments I have for the video. -The history of the subject which is the art piece and the history of the artist. -The general information of the art piece I have found in my research. […]

  • I love the part when a professor is talking about the art piece because what she is saying is exactly what I want and it is very persuasive. I think I would add a narration and conclude how those people’s feeling and the research I have done. I have added some visual effect in the […]

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