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  • Thumbnail      À bout de souffle/Breathless (1960) is a New Wave film. It is directed by Jean-Luc Godard and is distributed by Films Around the World, Inc. It is a story about a young French gangster, Michel Poiccard, who steals a car and kills a policeman. He then runs away and meets Patricia Franchini, who is a newspaper […]

  • I agree that experimental films are not supposed to be made for monetary purpose because they are not for everyone and I think they are something in the museum… For me, “films” generally are something which can show how people act, how things go and how the stories go. But experimental films are totally different […]

  • look like a weather reporter reporting something about tornado and all the background noises (ambulences, cop cars, etc.) make you more like reporting something serious!
    Form the video, I can tell that you have put a lot of effort in this assignment!

  • I think there should be introduction of the film (how it is made? color or black-and-white? How long does it last? ). In the body paragraphs, the ratio of writing something good and bad about the film should be 7:3, 8:2 or 9:1. The program should contain the background of the character (the art piece), […]

  • 1) I would first watch the whole clip and then see whether the filmmaker is trying to argue something instead of just introducing the art piece. 2) Mostly, I think the main idea of the video is to introduce the information or background of the art piece. Then the filmmaker should show how the art […]

  • Between shots, there should be stitching.

  • The film essay should show clearly about the information (history, name, etc.) of the art piece.
    The film essay should remain focus on the thesis- the art piece.
    The film essay should explain filmmaker’s ideas/points clearly, use evidences and analysis them.

  • I really like how you put two vending machines pictures in the video to let people know what the place would look like if the art pieces were replaced!!! I was surprised!!!
    However, I found little bit difficulty in reading the text on screen because the camera moves a lot.

  • I like how the blonde guy responds to your question- “I think they are petty circular.” He is funny.
    Your video is full of joy and you seem to make it like a report or something serious. You seem nervous when you are talking about the art piece, am I right?

  • I am not sure if people see my evidence and analysis because it’s very different from writing…but enjoy! 1. Text one screen: “ ‘Kino-Pravda’ Film Essay by Cindy Leung ”. 2. Medium shot of a tree, zoom out and shoot Frame and Five Arcs. 3. Text on screen: “Frame and Five Arcs created by Jacob […]

  • Destroying any of these art pieces is no different than ignoring the evidence of artists’ creativity, the existence of Queens College and so as replacing it by a vending machine or a moped parking lot. Replacing and destroying any of these art pieces for any reasons are no different than than ignoring the evidence of […]

  • 1. If a film is talking about people will turn into a statue if they see Medusa’s eyes, I am sure that that film is not talking about reality. If a film is talking about myth, I am sure that it is not talking about reality. 2. Outdoor Sculpture is about what importance outdoor sculpture […]

  • Draft- Kino-Pradva 1. Text on screen: “Kino-Pravda” Film Essay 2. Medium shot of my chosen art piece and text on screen: Frame and Five Arcs 3. Text on pictures of the art piece: “it was bought for the new library” 4. Text on picture of urban area: “I grew up in the cities…” 5. Text […]

  • Draft- Kino-Pradva 1. Text on screen: “Kino-Pravda” Film Essay 2. Medium shot of my chosen art piece and introduce its: Name: Frame and Five Arcs Brief history: it was bought for celebrating the complete of the library (show old pictures of it) Ideas: the interplay of urban elements and rural elements (show pictures of how […]

  • I think the concrete advice would be what he says about “clear thinking becomes clear writing”. He thinks that it is important to make every word and every sentence the most simplest. He suggests that we should revise the sentences we wrote several times because he thinks that good writing doesn’t come at the first […]

  • In films if you want to achieve coherence and continuity before the editing process, during filming, it is vital to rely on the small or micro scenario because the smaller the scenario, the more accurate it is. In Verto’s film, everyone in every scene is not the main thing we should focus on and I […]

  • Verto’s film is like showing how people live their society, so it could be anything in their world that they have become numb. All the working machines, all the people working around and all the transportation gives me a sense of “live”. In his essay, Verto said there would not be any dramatic plot and […]

  • Thanks for your comment! I definitely agree with you! I would probably say something similar if the movie shown in class was a Chinese movie. But what I am trying to say is, when people say this movie is an American movie and that movie is a Chinese movie, what do they depend on to […]

  • When I was reading A Brief History Of Bollywood “Film Songs” by Nasreen Munni Kabir, I was thinking whether I had watched any Indian movie before. And at that time, Slumdog Millionaire and The Darjeeling Limited (I personally love Adrian Brody!!!) came up in my mind because these are the only movies that I have watched and could be related to […]

  • When Verto talks about perception of the first person, the second person and so on, I feel like the “cinema eye” is actually an eye, gathering different information and feelings from different people but then he says we cannot trust the human eye…this really confuses me.

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