• It’s funny that you mentioned tap tap revenge and how you know all the songs and have them on your iTunes. I have to admit I like my fair share of video games, but two of my favorites are completely centered around music, Dance Dance Revolution and Rock Band. I find myself seeing arrows or […]

  • Music has a way of relating to various groups of people in strange ways. I didn’t realize before this reading that disco originally had a very large impact on the gay community. I always pictured studio 54, bell bottoms, big hair, and John Travolta when I thought of the disco era. I agree with your […]

  • Isn’t that the way the world works? We have one form of a product and then someone comes along and decides they want to improve this basic product and make it more complex yet, more simple for consumers. We have seen this throughout history, consumers may be skeptical at first because they are used to […]

  • Bowie was a very interesting artists because he challenged everything we considered rock and roll to that point. He embraced the fact that he was different and used it to his advantage. Similar to Lady Gaga of our time? Instead of keeping their uniqueness to themselves they both magnified it. Using fashion to express themselves […]

  • I really understood the meaning of the DJ and artists crews from your presentation in class. You explained the importance of this relationship, the way you use each other as support, as well as a tool to keep the crowd’s attention. I never realized the power of this relationship, if you and your DJ don’t […]

  • Jay-Z proves to be very successful in his music career as well as through his many investments and business endeavors. I can understand why he wants to show people where he came from and how he has risen to the top in many fields. He’s so proud of where he came from and wants everyone […]

  •       So what is indie rock? Through research for my final paper I have found myself muttering this question to myself day in and day out. Every time I think I have the answer, I read something else that makes me question my previous thought. First we have to distinguish are we talking about “indie […]

  • For as long as I have known, artists and musicians promote themselves and their music in many outlets. They turn to music videos to promote sales of a particular single. Concert tours are put together and tickets are sold, so the artist can perform the new album they just released. Also at concerts, merchandise such […]

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    Thumbnail        After the Beatles broke up in 1970, each member released their own solo album. John Lennon, released his second solo album titled “Imagine” in 1971. This is a time when performers began to include their personal political views in their music. Lennon proves through this song that the world would be a much better place […]

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         The shifts in the music industry are related to various economic and social changes through the years. The punk music era has been related to the underprivileged, lower class. Yet I don’t believe that these are the only people who listened to the punk movement. Music has a way of relating to individuals and […]

  •      The invention of the cassette player and the walkman has undoubtedly changed the way people listen to and enjoy recorded sounds. The walkman has created a way for individuals to enjoy music. They no longer have to play music on the family record player, instead they can enjoy the music of their choice on […]

  • Independent record labels were not afraid to record and produce new waves of music. The artist they recorded broke away from the norm combining sounds and rhythm from multiple genres of music. With this they invented a new wave of music called Rock n’ Roll. Rock n’ Roll was and still proves to be one […]

  • Indie vs. Mainstream Music; How the Internet has been a major influence to the success of the Independent Music Industry. I. Introduction a. Definition of Indie b. Definition of Mainstream II. Indie vs. Major Labels a. Contracts i. How money is divided ii. Process of being represented b. Creative differences i. Creating music from your heat ii. Performing pre-molded music c. Production differences i. Studio […]

  • I really thought you analyzed this song very well. This song came out in the 90s and still proves to be a powerful song to this day. I know every time I hear it I can’t help but jump around and sing the lyrics on the top of my lungs. No Doubt and Gwen Stefani […]

  • I feel that this happens so often in the music industry, the managers/producers/record labels/Lomaxes all try and produce a talent how they want them to be seen. They control the songs you sing, the clothes you wear, your entire image and what just to control you and take the money that you make by using […]

  • Do you have $50 – $100 dollars? How about a Soldering iron and a screwdriver? You do?! Well you are in LUCK… That is all you need to build your own amplifier! That is what I would picture an old advertisement in the late 1800s to sound like for the new amplifier kits produced by […]

  • I must agree with everyone here that without failure you can’t succeed, it is through your failures that you learn what works and what doesn’t. If your afraid to fail then what will you do? Sit home and never experience life? I know we can try and learn from others mistakes but without making some […]

  • I don’t believe I have ever heard anything like this song, and I am happy you chose it because I don’t know if I would have heard it otherwise. I think it’s amazing how songs can be so powerful and have such an influence over a particular community. I truly got an inspirational feeling during […]

  • I have to agree “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is truly a classic, Nirvana had stormed the airwaves with at that time a very unique musical style. The fact that we still hear this song played on the radio reiterates its success. I also found the way you described the songs musical arrangement very interesting and […]

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    Thumbnail        After the Beatles broke up in 1970, each member released their own solo album. John Lennon, released his second solo album titled “Imagine” in 1971. This is a time when performers began to include their personal political views in their music. Lennon proves through this song that the world would be a much better […]

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