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    Embracing Sincerity in the Homogenized World of the Electronic Age The question I want to explore is this: what is the capacity of the main protagonists in David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest , Hal Incandenza and Don Gately, to embrace and communicate sincerity in an environment where irony has been institutionalized as the result of the homogenizing […]

  • “To put it another way, let’s just take a little phrase on the piano, it sounds one way if you’ve just heard a big drum and another way if you’ve heard a gourd and another way if you’ve heard the phrase on another instrument and another way again if you’ve just heard nothing at all-there […]

  • My daughter is gone. Well kind of. I mean to say that the way we speak. No the way we communicate has changed. So perhaps gone is poor. Altered. Yes my daughter has been altered and I suppose that means I’ve been altered, well in the sense that I’m a father. Sometimes I’m a carpenter […]

  • The question I want to explore is can the sincere use of language be a source of absolution against the evolved forms of spectacle in Infinite Jest ? Spectacle’s genealogy can be traced back to the advent of the alphabet and Wallace creates the fictional terminus of this progression in “the entertainment.” Because spectacle is like anything […]

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    Continuing in the post modern tradition Wallace’s Infinite Jest examines the world as place saturated with information and how this wealth of information is paradoxically meaningless or ironic. This is not new ground as John Barth and Thomas Pynchon among others have done myriad explorations of the conditions of the post modern world. How Wallace differs […]

  • Why Harold Bloom Rarely Masturbates and Hates Fucking T-Ball In an essay about the AVN Awards (Wallace, Consider the Lobster) a habitual consumer of porn (neither Wallace nor Harold Bloom) comments that the appeal of pornography is in this kind of incidental and inherently authentic betrayal of the performance. If you watch long and hard […]

  • Because Infinite Jest is contemporary there is a reasonable amount of criticism to sift through as opposed to something regarding James Joyce so finding a common thread in the “conversation” hasn’t been too arduous. The novel’s theme in the high school sense of the word is about addiction and the criticism really can’t avoid this as […]

  • How Decontextualized Performance Made(?) me a Racist. Just to throw out some expository information, my boss is both rich and overweight. I am unsure which gluttony led to which. Whether he was overweight initially and this desire to consume eventually manifested in financial success or if the financial success plateaued to the point where…[Read more]

  • Voice is a funny thing to locate specifically because I’m in the middle of reading some Derrida.  Ideally voice indicates a possession of the language used.  This is MY voice.  As in not that guy’s even if some of the language being used was used originally by that guy by mine is mine and that’s […]

  • “What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence.” Like gays for example. Austin deals with language as coincidental with action and they’re combination helps support infelicitous conventions that some people may like to join. Derrida’s assertion that Austin conveniently dismisses entropic disruptions of convention to allow the idea of the…[Read more]

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    How does community foster individuality or potentially undermine the idea of the self? Is the idea of the autonomous self true? Is the idea actually just a byproduct of literacy? Do the linguistic limits of communities, specifically support groups, provide a greater independence than an existence without any rules or constructions? Does tangible freedom actually […]

  • (Amiri Baraka is seated across from Richard Dawkins (in a t-shirt proclaiming “We are all Africans”) in a soul food restaurant on Frederick Douglass Blvd.) AB: Yo Richard, you can’t keep wearing that shit, especially around me. RD: But it’s true, we are all Africans. Diaspora is human, not simply black or Jewish or any […]

  • What happens with no net? Everyone wins? Or perhaps it no longer matters because it’s rather pleasant to hit a ball back and forth without the messiness of obstruction (Rexworth should probably avoid the lower east side of Manhattan). Sport as analogy is useful because it’s one of the more tangible examples of winning and […]

  • I can’t get the things to indent on the citations and it was pissing me off so basically I’m not ignorant of mla just ignorant of making this blog do stuff.

  • I was going to wait for Dionysian inspiration for a thesis but I’m paying for these credits and the bursar’s office seems unwilling to negotiate so I guess I’ll have to get to it. I’ve had only brief encounters with literary theory and because of this I wanted to start with broader and more seminal […]

  • I get out of work at 5:30 so I can do any of the times that are after a class if that works. Any of the dates are fine.

  • Loud indecipherable chatter turned bridled murmur turned collective hush as the lights dim and the stage is back lit with the insidious red orange of late summer sunsets of the sort that stop traffic. A hipster in skinny jeans and gender bending t shirt of a contrivance beyond the most perspicacious of curious listeners. Listeners […]

  • Aren’t we all just a bump in the head away from sounding like this and I don’t mean this facetiously. What happens with a dissolution of brain function? Aphasia or something like that in a lot of cases. The language and I guess the identity that is its progeny are so tenuously keeping us what […]

  • I suppose revision and it’s corollary bridles on unattenuated freedom seem to be what’s pissing everyone off. Revision and it’s rules. But as members of the physical universe we’re constantly governed by rules, kinda you know how like Santa’s always watching. In the trees and clouds and in brains. The evolution of consciousness and it’s […]

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