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    I agree with you that immigrants aren’t hurting the country. Some may argue that they are hurting the country with higher crime rates and they take away jobs from Americans. The work force in Texas has risen 6% with immigrants working and that’s a positive thing. With Trump trying to end DACA, so many families would be torn apart and the work…[Read more]

  • The immigration policy has become stricter with the new presidential election. Donald Trump wants to build his famous wall that he never stops mentioning, and he wants illegal immigrants to stay where they […]

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      I really like the meme of Donald Trump, It does show that he is very hypocritical. I believe that what trump is doing about DACA is a terrible idea. Personally, I have friends that are part of DACA and i’m unsure what will happen if Trump were to get rid of it. I recently watched a try guys video on buzzfeed about Immigrants and I thought it was really informing especially for those who don’t know how hard it actually is to get into america. here is the link to the video.

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    I agree with you that is it unfortunate for some of the living situations. Gentrification is also a huge factor of that. The poorer get poorer, and everything else gets better. Basically, middle class neighborhoods are getting fixed and made to look nice for higher prices while all the projects and bad homes are still neglected.

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    I really like the picture you chose because I didn’t know how much public space made a difference in New York City. Times Square is large, but there are people everywhere and there’s no where to really move. That huge street lost parking, and the room to not cause traffic. Now with all those public spaces for seating and little tables, there will…[Read more]

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    I agree that arrests and killings are run on a racial component. Although we don’t see every single murder, most of the involving ops involve people of color. I wish our legal system didn’t allow racial injustice. I agree with Henry because so many people use drugs and really blacks are targeting more for possession of drugs just for them to be…[Read more]

  • Everyone who watches the news today sees breaking news about how people are shot by police. People that are normalized to be shot by a cop are black men- unarmed black men. People like Eric Garner and Michael […]

    • Just a question: is that graph based on reader feedback? Seems so. If that’s the case, that could just be a projection of people’s perceptions, not fact-based. A myriad of social factors can lead people to believe they are being targeted, or worry they are being targeted, even when they are not.

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    A public space is a place that’s open to the public. People are allowed to use and access these public places such as parks, roads, malls, beaches, etc. New York City has public spaces all around. We have c […]

  • New York City is in very high demand for a place to be living. Everyone who lives in New York City knows the struggle of paying for rent, and some can’t even make rent. People are moving out and getting r […]

  • Housing affordability is housing that meets the needs for families with low or moderate income. These families can meet the needs for food, clothes, entertainment, etc. Living in New York City, you can see so […]

    • So do you feel the comfortability of living around the same race has given the government better leverage to keep these people in the same race?

    • I love the points you are making in this post, and how you are relating to the crisis going on today in comparison to the past when Jim Crow laws were thriving. When it comes to your points about the Bronx, I see what you are saying because I am from the Bronx and the areas with more projects seem to be a certain race and only more diverse in the sense that there are more hispanics, and blacks. I believe that housing availability and affordability will still be a tough situation to fight through. How can we stop a divide if the country only continues to gentrify neighborhoods?

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    Globalization in my opinion is good for the world. it allows people and companies to come together and communicate for the goods that they need. When one country works alone, not a lot of work gets done within that country compared to working with other countries and nations. With things in America being made from different countries, we do pay…[Read more]

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    New York city is one of the cities that had such a vast growth rate in population. No one gives immigrants enough credit for “starting” the land that people live on today, and people should. Immigrants go through a lot to get where they want to be and settle with their hopes and dreams. With Ellis Island, it rally helped start New York because of…[Read more]

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    I agree with this post because if more people came together to hire more people at wealthy companies, then we have room to spend money on things to build the economy. I’m shocked that 1% of the US population is making 20% of the income out of all the people living. What about the other 99%? I hate how poverty is such a big factor and that 1& of…[Read more]

  • Walking all over Astoria wasnt as tiring as I thought since I had so many thoughts running through my mind.  I walked through Ditmars Blvd and Steinway street. They are both very busy streets with a lot of […]