• I believe that the American public has become less sophisticated with respect to holding our Presidents accountable for foreign policy crises. There is no denying that Presidents ought to have a certain amount of accountability – they are, after all, leaders of the free world and all that good stuff. They have a duty and […]

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    I don’t really follow politics, so I can’t be too assertive. However, I do see a semblance between Obama’s current situation and FDR’s from the 1930’s. Whenever I do listen to Obama’s speeches, I hear him talking about how unfair it is for the middle and lower classes to suffer while the 1% lives luxuriously […]

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    I believe that arguments can be made for both points. Hoover was adamant in his beliefs. He wanted to help the people during the Depression, but he didn’t belief in direct relief. He came up with many ideas and programs, but many people will say that it wasn’t enough. I’d like to say that Hoover […]

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    I think that the federal government definitely plays a big part in economic problem-solving, and they should. I don’t think that the people can be trusted to so much of an extent to be the ones to handle these problems. It’s like what the Federalists believed in about protecting the people from themselves. And the […]

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    I think that the government needs to crack down on illegal immigration. I think it’s unfair that these people are in this country taking US citizens’ jobs and such. I understand that they want the same thing US citizens do – means to support themselves and their family. They have a right to want those […]

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    I think it’s interesting that Chomsky says that the working class believed there was basically no difference between wage labor and slavery, except that the former is temporary. There are some similarities between the two, such as how in both institutions there are people working for other people. However, I don’t think it’s that easy […]

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    Of course it’s a pressing issue, unless you’re loaded. Ever since the first people came to America the rich have been getting richer and the poor have been getting poorer. Whoever was king of England at the time gave land to his friends, who gave land to their friends, leaving the people with modest means […]

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    For my paper I will be writing a response to Victorian critique. I will be focusing in particular on Matthew Arnold’s “Preface to Poems” and “The Function of Criticism.” I think that it is fascinating how Arnold is so preoccupied with the nature of poetry and of critique. He has devoted the majority of his […]

  • My favorite sections of In Memoriam are, without a doubt, sections seven and eight. These two sections really spoke the most to me not only as a scholar, but also (and more so) as a person. I connected with these sections enormously as someone who understands Tennyson’s loss and I admire In Memoriam because he […]

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    I think that it’s hard to pick one passage in Mill’s autobiography and say “that’s the most important to me.” I think that the whole seven pages are all important. You have to keep in mind that Mill wrote this to reflect on a time when he was majorly depressed. I find it so fascinating […]

  • The far side of the Moon has always fascinated many people. I actually was not aware of the information that is known about the far side until I read an article on NASA’s website. Perhaps the most interesting phenomenon about the far side is that its properties or qualities are quite incongruous to those of […]