• ThumbnailTo add to all the chaos that has been going on in the Middle East these past few months, there were protests that happened on both the Israel-Syria border and the Israel-Lebanon border. Yesterday was Nakba, or the day of “Catastrophe” according to the Palestinians. It is a day of mourning that marks the birth of […]

  • In Susan Strange’s article, “The Declining Authority of States,” she describes the way in which the power of the state has decreased. One of the contributing factors, she claims, is the rise of technology. The power of technology and the media is further discussed by Monroe Price in “Media and Sovereignty: The Global Information Revolution […]

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    I really enjoyed reading your post, it was concise and offered a great summary as to what both sources were about. It’s true that things cannot be taken at face value: we always have to do more research and look for a source. Sometimes we see something in the New York Times or other renowned […]

  • What you wrote about menial jobs becoming opportunities of employment for women from Third World countries really stuck with me! If someone says “I’m a stay at home mom” or works as a nanny, she isn’t necessarily looked at with the highest regard but she should be because it too is a job! Although these […]

  • I think this article is really a matter of perspective. It’s true that now women in First World countries have careers and this allows women to migrate for jobs, but at the same time the women from these Third World countries lose out on so much and can’t gain the opportunities back home. We can […]

  • Although I have read “Nannies Maids and Sex Workers” before, it continues to surprise me every time. The article, written by Ehrenreich and Hochschild discusses the globalization of women and the gender revolution. It has been increasingly shown that immigrants – legal and illegal – who come to first world countries to find jobs to […]

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