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    you know what was memorable to me.. when the “psycho” jumped out in the grandma outfit, hilarious. If i existed back then, Im sure i would have laughed just as hard while everyone screamed in fear. BTW good breakdown of the things you liked!

  • Written on the Wind is a film directed by Douglas Sirk in 1956 under Universal Pictures. I chose this film because I felt it had class, style, innovation, quality shots and character issues that were easy to relate to. Choosing one particular scene was slightly difficult because I believe there are many quality scenes to choose […]

  • After viewing Written on the Wind in class, I wondered if anyone saw Marylee wear an outfit twice in 2 different scenes and time. First, she is seen by the river remembering (hearing voices) her childhood with Mitch and Kyle. Later after Kyle dies, Marylee is seen wearing the same outfit trying to convince Mitch […]

  • While viewing the movie Breathless and learning about how this Director and this particular Genre of films likes to be creative with the filming and editing, I was reminded of one of my favorite movies, by one of my favorite directors. If you seen this movie you will know why I was reminded.. The bad […]

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  • Fritz Lang is the Director of M for Murder created in 1931(Nero Film GmbH). His visual interpretations combined with storyline and pace of the movie are some of my favorite that I have seen on black and white film. At first glance this movie is about a town in Germany being terrorized by a killer […]

  • Nicely done, short and to the point. Other than the few short lines of dialogue you qouted, you briefly touched on what I feel is also important.. the difference in tone of voice and delivery. He is like you said, stern and authorative, she is high pitched, loud, whiny and annoying. She yells at him […]

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    I just enrolled in the Studio Arts Minor.. would like to ask you some questions about the classes and professors if possible.

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    I agree with alot of what you said about Jean.. I like that after I read your blog I saw a different perspective of the movie.. you compared jean and her ways to that of the stereotype of the “snake”, your attention to detail on the fashion of that era was cool too, something I […]

  • The last girl in Tom’s life.. was very much like him.. not to passive because she took charge when he tried to walk away.. she made him stay, sit back down and listen to him. I think Wellman’s creation of his male characters are always drawn towards women like themselves.

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    I agree,but i feel that the mother wasnt getting much attention in the movie, when her role was created, her “voice” was to be ignored by her sons tempers, tho they both wanted the best for her and thought that their ideas was in her best interest, they both never really asked how she felt […]

  • When we first started watching Lady Eve in class, I really felt that eventually I would run into a movie I didnt like.. this is the one. Though, I found the female character and her┬ácard shark father amusing, it wasnt enough for me to like the movie in its entirety. The male lead was played […]

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    Zodiac Killer!! oh man, i kept wondering what the letters were reminding me of and you hit the nail on the head, yes! I def thought of the simialarities. I also agree with you on wondering if the police officer was the murderer. I also wanted the murderer not to be the murderer but see […]

  • Another long boring entry, but I cant help it.. i get so many ideas.. i need to work on a new style of blogging.. in the mean time.. here it is. James Cagney.. James Cagney.. James Cagney.. I repeated to myself, I know I have heard that name before.. but I knew that I never […]

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    Being a student a Queens College for a while now has taught me that the first day of class is filled with valueable information about the upcoming semester. Sure, having the syllabus helps but the professors personal input on certain topics is always one of the best tools if you want to get ahead of […]

  • ugghh.. the way you described it.. i wish i didnt miss class that day… good entry!

  • Hello classmates, I hope I was able to set this blog up properly.. I hope to read all your blogs and leave comments on most..