• The concept of the invisible man in Ellison’s book does bother me a little. I, as an individual have trouble dealing with indecisiveness. It bothers me, I like things to be black and white, the gray area is something that I rarely stumble upon. The invisible man in this case though, is an individual that […]

  • Ok, I admit. After reading the whole text it has become more pertinent to me the ways in which you can as a reader and viewer tie Holbein’s painting to James novel. The main connection that I was able to make was the paintings skull, that is partially hidden from the viewer,and very cleverly hidden […]

  • It was interesting to see the Holbein Painting and then compare it too the text by Henry James. Although they share the same titles, I feel as a reader that these two works are very different. I can’t say that viewing the image hasn’t enhanced my reading of the book and vice versa yet, I […]

  • The main idea behind Alan Trachtenberg’s essay is not an analysis of Gardner and Brady’s methods for the circulation and sale of civil war photographs, but they do play a big part in this essay. We know that Brady’s name is signed on all of these pictures, and Trachtenberg notes that he signs pictures that […]

  • The “Real Thing” by Henry James was a more pleasurable read and happened to be one of my favorites. The beginning of the story seemed at first confusing put progression through it cleared things up. The Monarchs are a strange couple because we as readers don’t know exactly what happened to them and their finances. […]

  • Viewing Holbein’s painting helped me have an idea of what to expect when reading the Ambassadors. Though, when I saw it I also wanted to view other images and paintings of individuals from the time period that weren’t the same social class as “The Ambassadors”. After seeing a few images I realized that the painting […]

  • Have you ever experienced highway hypnosis? Or have done something without really thinking about it. The consciousness is an interesting part of the human mind and the way that we think. It often times can become extremely complex when we begin to analyze it. It happens to me at times that I reading something, I […]

  • The problem with sight is the fact that our eyes behold something yet our mind does the interpreting. I feel that all of us see the same exact things yet the way in which our mind works produces the differences in our perception. Emerson says that our existence is a “train of moods”, that our […]

  • The problem with sight is the fact that our eyes behold something yet our mind does the interpreting.  I feel that all of us see the same exact things yet the way in which our mind works produces the differences in our perception.  Emerson says that our existence is a “train of moods”, that our […]

  • Hmm i like this, this is really artistic! But also very true, there are a lot of interesting things going on now in williamsberg, its really a pretty cool place to be. But it also isn’t fair to say that this is a bad thing that is happening. I mean look at situations like that […]

  • I like your position on this whole subject! The work is excellent i liked the post with the woman that was talking about seeing an actual fetus. That was one thing that just stuck with me more than anything else! The bottom line is that your work is solid, i like how you stand by […]

  • lol this was a cool picture and would make a good ad. This is an all to familiar scene for anyone that drinks out of a can! Very cool, i like it. The set up would need a little work but overall its a fun little ad. I like the whole live inside your pepsi […]

  • I would choose the bottle of wine, but that’s just me! JK! i dont like wine but the commercial seems to be a little dry, im a little confused about the whole thing. What exactly do you want your target to buy? The idea doesn’t seem bad, the execution just needs a little work. Either […]

  • Great job on this, i feel the same way you do… theres a lot of work to be done but we should all be fine i think! It seems that everyone is concentrating on their final work and im no exception! Good luck with everything and dont forget to have fun!

  • Not to bad as far as the marketing point goes! Very good way of getting ur point across with the coca cola message! I just wanted to tell you something that i loved! There was this pepsi commercial where jimmy hendrix has to chose between a coke or pepsi and he chooses pepsi i think, […]

  • ugh!!! i know the feeling! well i want to say good luck im in the same situation as you are! i wanted to give you a little bit of hope though about the economy, it actually is improving quite a bit true not as fast as people would like but it is doing pretty well. […]

  • Well i’ll tell you this much, unemployment is a serious problem! its great though because you have had a lot of info to work with! The problem with unemployment isnt really the immediate percentage (which by the way went up from 9.6 to 9.8) The main problem though is the long term period that people […]

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    Honestly i like the idea i did something similar but i included a picture as well! The poem is great i like it! It’s pretty easy to put a picture up so don’t worry to much! Either way your work is really good so keep it up! I’m not much of a poet but i […]

  • It’s pretty bleak that you haven’t had much success but all I can say is that your not alone. Believe me if the Fed is having issues with the economy and the issue of employment then you are going to have them as well. It’s really a very hard topic to work with simply because […]

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    Your poem is really good I like it, I love the way that it rhymes and the word play is really great! The message of the poem though is a nice one I think that portraying yourself as a woman that is strong and independent is refreshing and really a nice read. Overall the poem […]

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