• I think what Haswell is describing is more or less a godsend for an English teacher…if it could work in all cases. I as an English student, both undergraduate and graduate, have worked at improving my writing and that means paying attention to the comments and suggestions I receive from my professors this once again […]

  • I have to agree with you Michelle on how you grade your students work. I too have mirrored my high school teachers good methods but that came with the bad habits of leaving surface comments and not really addressing the deeper and more important aspects of my writing. However I will also agree that I […]

  • I actually agree with you when you say that you took the five paragraph essay as a suggestion as opposed to a rule. I cannot say that at anytime during my formal assigned writing career in school did I have trouble understanding that when the teacher says five paragraph essay, depending on what other stipulations […]

  • I think Novick hit it on the head in the quote you provided. Teaching anything as a formula is usually in order to produce an assessment related result. If I want you to learn how to swing a baseball bat I show you how you should stand, then where your arms should be, then how […]

  • I utilize the quickwrite tactic as well in my classroom and I teach 11th grade English. What I have found is that students respond mostly negatively, in my experience to LENGHTY writing assignments. I have been in the process of employing various short writing assignments to build my students writing skills while slowly ramping up […]

  • I personally think while both exploratory and formal are equally important, exploratory eventually needs to take precedent. If we want to develop critical deep thinkers, problem solvers or experts in various fields then a deeper meaning must be reached in the subject matter. Formal writing I find typically has the writer, in my case the […]

  • I know its late but I don’t like not completing my assignments. I try to be a the good student I ask my own students to be. The terminology “literacy narrative” immediately conjures the idea of “storytelling about my story-reading.” Upon further thought though it makes me really think and I remember one book in […]

  • So I broke down what I thought about each individual article to make it easier, I apologize for the lengthiness: Peter elbow- pg. 75, My first question is does it matter what the writers intention is? To say that the meaning is never determinate I feel is a bit unfair. I think that by the […]