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  • In this project I’m going to show how eminent domain was abused with the Barclays Center. Also I’ll discuss a host of other issues that the community has with the arena using story map.



  • As I read through my post, through the first paragraph everything sounded right and I didn’t notice anything that’d I’d really need to comment on. But as I got to the second paragraph I noticed some things that […]

  • Homelessness has long been an issue in NYC and with the criminalization of homelessness these people are left stranded. Bans on camping in public increased 60% from 2011 to 2014, bans on loitering in public […]

    • This definitely goes back to the idea of poverty as a pathology. In an attempt to clean up the image of the city, authorities are willing to displace and discriminate against homeless people. A possible explanation could be that the government does not want to fund the homeless as they could be “free loaders” and they only want to put money into projects they know will attract people who they can make a profit from. I think that this way of thinking is what contributes to the privitization and militarization of space since stereotypical poor people and minorities are the ones being excluded. This shows that the morals and values of the city have changed for the worse as our own citizens are ostracized while tourists are praised, not for their character, but for their wealth.

    • I agree with your point that the government should move some of the cost from the sport, which is much a wants to the needs (shelters) for their safty and social well being. Soicety needs changes in order to keep homeless people safe. From the other hands, the idea of pathology also is one of the reasons that happen on homeless people. Some of them are young and they still can find a job for living, but they are not willing to do so because of lazyness. Moreover, most of homeless people have their home I believe, but they get treat badly at home that they think outside is better for them. Another point is that some of the homeless people ask people for money instead of food. and use money to buy cigarette or something else is not healthy for them. So, there is also poverty as a pathology in the cause of homless people.

    • You are right, it would be nice to provide more shelters and homes for homeless people but the simple way government works makes it almost impossible. The only way city officials “help” towards homelessness is by moving it or shifting it somewhere else. They don’t give actual solutions but instead they hide it, by putting ridiculous bans and fines for people using public space, which specifically is for everyone, its for public use. The worst part about this issue is that common people like us that see the problem in it can’t do anything about it, because it is not in our hands, its on the government and the way they distribute public funding.

    • I agree that there should be programs that help them but rather than creating more shelters probably there should be programs that help them get on track trying to find jobs that do not require many skills. I believe that the reason that people or government tend to avoid this issue is due to poverty as pathology that is their way of thinking that goes them into the streets. It is amazing the example that you give about the stadium capacity that shows the number of people that are going through this situation.

  • The deregulation of business environment to increase appeal to corporations for example, lower wages, worsening working conditions, and fewer environmental protections. This brings on unequal bargaining power […]

  • The integration of economy on a global scale; increased interdependence of people and decreased importance of nations. The current period of globalization began in the late 1960s or 1970s. Corporate leaders […]

  • Above: Photo of myself leading the demonstration last year.


    The main goal of this social movement is to bring awareness and voice against Azerbaijan’s ongoing anti-Armenian attacks and demand justice […]

  • Economic inequality is all over America. It is a sad part of society. But it is one that does not need to exist and is a trend that can be broken if the government and people take progressive steps in the correct direction together. Economic inequalities stem from racial, social and gender discriminations. Some people are born into low income…[Read more]

  • For this assignment I walked around my snowy neighborhood, Bayside, and went near the begins of Flushing as well. What I saw on my walk around the most eastern part of Queens was the dying middle class of our […]

  • In Goldsmith & Blakely’s Chapter 1, they brought up crucial arguments as to Why does poverty still exists. Like Sara, the theory of poverty as pathology is one that I don’t agree with, because the theory claiming that poverty exists because of laziness, addiction, and wrong values being passed down in a family as a cycle is very generalized. It…[Read more]

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