• Hey Nalicia, I saw something on NY1 In The Papers that I thought would be helpful to your project. There’s an article in today’s NY Post (4-14-10) about long lines for food carts. The link for the online video of In The Papers is here: And the story is…[Read more]

  • these photos are great. will you be giving your participants the opportunity to take or comment on pictures?

  • Nisha, I like that you will inform your participants of the project and how the photos will be used, but how will you gain this consent – written/oral? What kind of population will you be working with? Are there any special considerations you need to take? Are photos the only means of data collection you […]

  • I like this idea. Using the pictures in your interview could be useful. Have you thought about asking participants when photo would they be up for eating (showing a “bland” and ethnic dishes)? You could also try and find out which is more likely, a person trying/eating ethnic food alone or with others? The increase […]

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    As far as your methods go, how will you go about analyzing it? Will you use interviews or participant observation? What age group will you be working with? How how will you operationalize your variables (i.e. what constitutes social/physical power?). What is your hypothesis – what do you think your findings will be/what are you trying […]

  • I like the pictures that you used and from your summary of the experience I see many similarities between yours and mine. Me and my partner didn’t really respond to each other’s photos–I would’ve gone back and do that if I had the chance. Maybe to ask my partner why she took the photos she […]

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    Great sociological topics. There’s a lot of research that have been done on both bullying and divorce so your lit review shouldn’t be a problem. What are some questions you will focus on; what causes bullying-does it start at home or something like the effects of bullying on the victims? You could also look at […]

  • What a great angle..approaching this from an emotional standpoint. I love “happy” colors and I too now am wondering if they could influence children and their personalities. My photo has more cool colors in it which might come across as drab as opposed to yours which has warmer colors and makes me think of it […]