• Fredrick Jackson Turner’s Frontier thesis characterizes the American frontier experience in expansion. Both Turner and Davis Harding have first hand experience of the developing changes within American history; he explains why the American governemnt was differenr from their European counterparts. He also deals with the idea of the American identity and the future of America. […]

  • This is a great post. Insecurity comes with compensation, just like when you see a guy grinding his breaks on a motor-cycle, we say he’s compensating for something. Talking of this machismo, Omaha doesn’t have that affect on Maruquita, but she loves him for who he is and not his penis. Ohama uses his hard-rock […]

  • I like your connection with the Goonies, it shows the theme of journey and motivation within the novels we have read for class. Every one of the characters are motivated towards something and they keep pushing forward to seek a better foundation. This also parallels to Omaha’s economic decisons and connections with Winnifred, he sees […]

  • ThumbnailNagual: a person that can transform themselves into several different animals, such as donkey, monkey, or dog, but most importantly a jaguar and a puma. In Atomik Aztek, the nagual serves as an important part of their culture, which is believed to be a guardian spirit. This depiction of the nagual displays the alternation between realities, […]

  • Vega utilizes the narrative structure of enveloping several narrations within the story. He utilizes the matrix narration where the first degree narration is the journey of Omaha and the second is when Vega interjects within the text to adress to the readers that the novel is indeed fiction. Each narration begins as a whole and […]

  • When reading Cobra, the language that was used was weird and random like you said but it made him distinct from other authors. He plays well with language by utilizing words that don’t really match up together. “Fringed edges” when would an edge ever be like that? His language creates dimentions just like the novel […]

  • In Salvador Plascencia’s The People of Paper, the author plays a significant role of interjecting through the text. Her characterizes himself just like many other authors have in Don Quixote, She Lives in a Story and many other texts we’ve read. This theme of interjection displays the authoritative superority within the novel where they can […]

  • Thumbnail All of these images symbolize the short story, “Eyes of a Blue Dog”, the two lovers meet in their dreams but never in reality. Through their dreams the eyes are watching their every step. Blue represents sadness which is displayed by the eyes of the dog. The image of the man and woman depcits sorrow […]

  • Thumbnail

    Here is a literal depiction of the man with enormous wings, old shabby and ragaddy. He looks desperate, afraid and curious.

    The other image is where he’s caged with like a bird and the neighboorhood people come out to see him. They look on with awe and wonder at this spectacle.

  • Thumbnail One of the most famous parts of the novel, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza are by the windmills where he believes they are monsters that need to be slaughtered. This image portrays Don Quixote as a majestic knight in search of adventure and a journey leading him to greatness. Sancho looks scared for his master […]

  • “Awilda Cortez was not a problem. All she wanted was a Gringorican baby, although that fact alone would add to the eventual troubles that Omaha would encounter. But how to manage Winnifred and Maruquita? Yes, the affection was still there, and her Latin ardor sated something primitive in him. But Winnifred was something else. Winnifred […]

  • Edgardo Vega’s novel transforms the LES into a place filled with Puerto Rican witches, transformation into various animals, and penile enlargments. Vega explores the world of the punk-rocker Omaha whose on a quest to fix his genetila problem and runs into a world of magic and wild emotions. Vega uses the novel to depict the […]

  • The battle between the Europeans and the Aztek’s looks like a scene from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 video game. Kill everyone and any one that stands in your way; leave no one alive. Fire your M2 at every angle, killing everyone. Sack the place and aim high.¬†Slaughtering the Russians in Atomik […]

  • Thumbnail The People of Paper; symbolically depicts the heart made out of paper; fragile and weak. Each paper provides a quote from all the characters who are only left to be read on a piece of paper. They are nothing more than paper. The bats symbolize the destruction of the heart and Saturn; pieces falling […]

  • The Custom of the Country, Edith Warthon Chapter XI “He turned the hand over and traced the course of its blue veins from the wrist to the rounding of the palm below the fingers; then he put a kiss in the warm hollow between. The upper world had vanished: his universe had shrunk to the […]

  • So I added some relevance towards the novel of how the planet Saturn relates to the character Saturn. Hope this is a better addition to what I previously had.

  • Thumbnail So this is Saturn, the planet. But in the novel, Sal describes pieces of him falling apart which symbolizes the reign of Saturn to be falling apart. This planet shines bright which also alludes to the way Saturn’s reign shines over everyone under his control. Saturn is very powerful and has great control over. Everyone […]

  • A technique of presenting an episode repeatedly, each time seen through the eyes of a different (internal) focalizer. Typically, what is demonstrated by this technique is that different people tend to perceive or interpret the same event in radically different fashion. Texts that are told by more than one narrator that create multiple focalization based on […]

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