• Thumbnail “The universe,” recited the dwarf as if he were in a hexagonal white room, caressing a pelican choking on a wiggling salmon, “is the work of a hurried and clumsy god.” I found this and I thought this image sums up the novel, where you need to close your eyes and experience the motions of the […]

  • Thumbnail   This is not exactly what comes up in the novel, but why are there uses of math symbols and theories in the novel? I don’t quite understand. Is there a formula to figuring out their life? For instance Cobra=Pup ^2 or else ”  ” and another equation. I see a lot of these formulas […]

  • What is up with this novel? Alternation of pleasures on two different levels, very hard to follow, the language kills your brain cells. But there are some parts that are interesting, first off the name Cobra: stings, moves swiftly, can kill, scary to look at, realistic. 2nd the language doesn’t match up the presentation of […]

  • Foster’s novel shows two places of violence, one is more subtle than the other. In the meat packing plant, the dismembering of the pig symbolizes the daily violence that Zenzo deals with in one reality. And the other violence that he deals with is on the battlefield. When Zenzo goes off the Stalingrad he’s pretty […]

  • ThumbnailAs we read on in the novel, there are many instances where Zenzo mentions the sacrifice of the human heart. The human heart in the novel symbolizes the growth of the nation as well as the power to conquest. The more sacrifices to the gods, the more the Aztek nation will grow in power. This is […]

  • On page 88, Zenzo explains how the Aztek empire was acquired from the Spanish conquistadors. It indicates that the empire was conquered by his own ancestors which brings out the alternation in history. His ancestors decided to fight the Europeans and prevented them to be annihilated of their culture. His alternative to the history of […]

  • The passages on page 64-65 are very important because they show the spirituality of how Zenzo’s mind moves. “One one level everything in the material world is a shadow, a physical shadow but nevertheless merely a shadow, of shifting realities within the spiritual world. On another level  our nahuales and our spirits operate on various […]

  • In Sesshu Foster’s Atomik Aztek, the formation of the novel plays with the mind of the reader. Through this novel, we can see the different shifts between the mind of the narrator, Zenzo and the shift of which reality is real. In the novel, there’s two worlds which parallel to each other but its not […]

  • Henry James had several attempts at studying science and law but that never stuck to him, so he decided to become a writer. He was very well read in Russian, French, English and American Literature. He traveled Europe and presented stories and published them in many journals. Since James was so immersed in the culture […]

  • “The Baby Nostradamus knew how The People of Paper ended. It concluded with a plain, nine-word sentence that read, “And there would be no squeal to the sadness.” He knew all the fates of all characters, his visions extending beyond the constraints of this book. He knew the different grips of the readers, how some cradled the open […]

  • After reading this story and comparing it to the other short stories Garcia Marquez has written, its very different. It doesn’t have the same affect that the stories with “magical realism” has. The story is of  a man who builds a bird cage because he feels he will get a good price from a client, […]

  • “Medical journals tried to discredit the merits of paper: they said the velocity of the circulating blood would punch holes through the compressed wood pulp, supporting their claims with hand-drawn charts of exploding hearts. But Antonio’s hearts never leaked or burst, and as a tribute to his doubters, he shaped the cardiovascular walls using the index […]

  • The novel begins with an odd prologue which alludes to the weirdness of the coming stories. The structure of the story is very different from a free flowing story. The pages are filled with separate tales, which connect to each other. If one was to read them separately it would still make a story, but […]

  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez writes a story of a young girl whose severely used by her grandmother in prostituting her in order to repay her for burning their mansion down. Erendira has no choice but to conform with the decision her grandmother makes for her. At the opening of the story, she seems to be helpless […]

  • Like the story of “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”, “Big Mama’s Funeral”, is filled with fantasy, myths and exaggeration. The story begins with the reign she has over the village. Everyone knew her, and always attended the big parties she would throw each year for her birthday. Big Mama supply’s the reader with […]

  • In this short story, time plays a big part of understanding the character Nabo. Nabo relives four weeks of his life constantly within his mind because of an accident met with a horse he was taking care of. At the beginning of the story, we hear from the narrator, then we hear from the characters […]

  • “Magical realism”, this story evokes this style by placing these effects within its pages. “Magical realism” combines the realistic everyday features of life with the distortion of the readers by implementing elements of fantasy. This imaginative style blurs the reader from receiving the definite meaning of the story. Stories written in this style typically release […]

  • Eight-twelve. I will certainly be late. He ran the tips of his fingers over his cheek. (Garcia Marquez 42)

    As the story begins, there’s a change of narration. It begins with the homodigetic narrator then switches to the heterodigetic narrator. The story’s tenses switch which also displays these actions. There’s two type of narration happening in […]

  • In the short story, “Eyes of a Blue Dog”, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, which takes place within the narrators dreams. The story dreads on the unconsciousness of the narrator who explores a world apart from reality. The story displays the relationship of a man and a woman who only meets within their dreams, despite their […]

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    In the story, “Of the Coming of John”, from the novel The Souls of Black Folks by W.E.B Du Bois displays the hindering factors of blacks at the time of Jim Crow. Du Bois introduces John who goes off into the world of the white man to gain an education despite the social and personal […]

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