• MTV is the epic music channel. Its kind of funny that people don’t think that MTV doesn’t show music videos but they do its during the day early in the morning around 6am. With reality tv shows I think it was a great idea to do it because their ratings sky rocket because they stay […]

  • Marketing for music is big. Seems like you will be getting in-depth with the topic and root of it. I like where you are going with this idea.

  • Marketing for music is big. Your paper topic seems like a great idea. Seems like you will be getting in-depth with the topic and root of it.

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    You insight is good on this article. Mash ups are now more popular and I think that the fuse helps both artist. Having a mash up song helps artist reach new fans so i agree with you as well.

  • I agree with you. Ipods rock and if someone wants to listen to their Ipod and not communicate it shouldn’t be a problem. I know people who listen to their Ipods to calm themselves down. So Ipods can also help in some cases.

  • Music should cost less than 99 cents. I believe the record companies should come up with a idea to provide music for cheaper. The artist barely makes any money off their own album sales. So I feel the artist is getting robbed by the record companies. When record companies come down on websites that sell […]

  • The article talks about how people have personal space when they are using their ipods. I myself make sure when I’m going to use public transportation I have my ipod. The funny thing to me is that ipods have become so large when CD players are cheaper. But with CD players i guess carrying around […]

  • In this reading McLeod brings up songs that are made creatively by people who are fans of artist but legally the sounds are not allowed to be downloaded. Many fans would love to put artist of different genre together so other fans could hear how the songs would sound. But with the artist legal team […]

  • The song I choose to speak to you about is Juicy by Notorious B.I.G. This song was released on august 8th 1994 on Bad boy/Arista record label. The producers are Poke of Trackmaster and Sean puffy Combs. The songs melody is sampled from Tmune’s song Juicy Fruit. Total is singing the chorus on the record. […]

  • Your topic seems like it is funny and will be something that everyone can learn about. It seems that it will be a lot that you will be covering. I’m big on dancehall music but Jamaican dub is something I dont know about so your presentation will be informative for me.

  • Great topic to talk about. The Beatles are a great group. Will you be talking about who influence The Beatles as well? Your presentation seems that in will be very informative.

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    I believe cover songs were done for the wrong reason. When an artist covered a song they already knew that the song was rising on the R&B billboards. You wouldn’t see a cover song of a bad record. So I believe in those days cover records were about just making money off of songs that […]

  • I like how in-depth you were with your analysis. You went all the way back to the origin of how the group started. Me personally I don’t know to much about No doubt. So this analysis helped me out a lot on what the group is about. I do like the lead singer Gwen Stefani. […]

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    It was great reading how you analyzed this song. You describe the song in great detail and broke it down so that everyone could follow what was being done in the song. The quotes that you picked from the song i also liked. I’m not a big Eminem fan but the way you analyzed the […]

  • The meaning of “cover record” is when a popular song was sung by a black person or group and it appealed to white pop chart. So they had a white person or group remake the song so that it could sell better to white people and that person or group could make money. Meanwhile it […]

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    Rock ‘n’ Roll became the most influential popular music in the twentieth century. It is said that Rock ’n’ Roll is combination of R&B styles mixed with parts of country music. Rock ‘n’ Roll was capable of going into films and television with no problem. The music was leading the country for many years. The […]

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    The topic that i will be discussing in class is Little Richard and how he considers himself the king of Rock ‘N’ Roll. I will get in-depth with his music and what made him believe he was the king. Also i will display his musical talents just in case someone never heard any of his […]

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