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    “Currently, the biggest players in the internet are Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon. These companies want to create a two tiered system that will allow for them to charge higher fees for faster internet connection. Not only does this mean there will be only a couple of companies monopolizing the internet, but it will lead to […]

  • “I believe that it is helpful to use Religion to help a weak country to move forward because even if the country isn’t as advance as many others, there is still faith and hope that makes people work harder or have something else to turn to.” I wholeheartedly agree with your opinion. Religion can give […]

  • This post is very interesting especially with our recent discussions of wikileaks. Wikipedia states: “In November 2010, WikiLeaks began releasing U.S. State department diplomatic cables. WikiLeaks was originally launched as a user-editable wiki site, but has progressively moved towards a more traditional publication model, and no longer accepts…[Read more]

  • The Yes Men story shows how stupid America can be. The term the “right thing” is certainly thrown around but no one is willing to take initiative on actually doing it. The market is and money is dictating on the world is working and that should not be the case. The example regarding the Dow […]

  • Chapter 42 Opening paragraph: “As the United States wages war on terrorism, media coverage has portrayed the radical Islamism exemplified by by Osama bin Laden as medieval, reactionary and eager…” This is such an awful portrayal, how can a group of people be judged by the doings of an individual (or individual leading a small […]

  • In the 2 article readings presented for the week, “The Hispanic Challenge” and “The Hispanic Challenge? What we know about Latino Immigration”, we see the growth of Latino Americans in America(USA). What were the factors and reasons for increased rate of immigration? Freedom and Opportunities. A main target were Mexicans, the United States is so […]

  • Recently, China accused Japan of spreading untrue statements to the media during the summit meetings. China had felt that their sovereignty and territory integrity had been violated. A diplomat of China, Hu Zhenyue stated that the Japanese should take “full responsibility” for any problems that arise.  The question behind this is, why is Japan doing […]

  • Creolization of Music: (US to South Korea) The power of music is indescribable. Many wonder, how big of an influence can music possibly have on us? Ignorant responses would be, “It’s just noise” or “I can control what influences me”. Music brings a lot of different things that would change your lifestyle. Fashion trends, change […]