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    Disco being “gay” is definitely a stereotype that’s probably fueled by mass media. Pop music can be seen as “white” (aka Britney Spears) whereas Rap can be seen as “black”. I guess the fact that men got up and danced with passion was what displayed “gay” on the dance floor. But you’re right, anyone can […]

  • It is really scary to basically give up your own rights as an artist or company to an even bigger company. Sadly they most likely and probably had no choice and no other way to survive. Most people agree to get consumed by a bigger fish because they’d rather be a part of something than […]

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    I don’t think you should feel guilty for liking cover songs as not all cover songs are deemed as hijacks nor hold the intentions of a hijack. I think covers definitely bring something new to the table as it does evolve and molds itself into the new singers style. One positive thing about covers is […]

  • I really do enjoy it when artists make cover songs in their own style and voice. However some covers are actually made almost identically and it makes me wonder why some people enjoy certain covers more than the others. Is the voice nicer? Or is the style of it more personally appealing? It’s really sad […]

  • I think BECAUSE it was due to race relations the term “hijacked hits” were used since it was BECAUSE of the controversies. Definitely today when a hit is covered we can hear how it matures from when it was first released but I guess back then it was not as pleasant since they were releasing […]

  • Wow I’m impressed and great job on the song! Who knew we had a talented rapper in the class? Good luck with this and where it takes you!

  • Thank you for bringing more attention to what a great deal WWII was in the sound technology. For me it was more of an interest rather than realization of how one epic moment can turn a whole industry around into a booming technological advancement. It is sad though how big businesses or big governments can […]

  • I had to listen to this song twice because it was so jarring yet intriguing. The lyrics were a bit dark and dreary with the somewhat happy music. I loved how it was beautiful and soft at first with a nice beat until there was the terrifying orchestra playing fortissimo. At first I did not […]

  • Funny thing about this song is that I have heard it before but never gave it much thought. Your post definitely enlightened me. There are many rags to riches story but never have I truly seen one been put into a song let alone a rap. It’s really bold of BIG to basically “confess” all […]

  • I find it really interesting how you see T-Pain in such a positive light — Basically how he pioneered the auto-tune that is now in almost every hip hop and r&b song today. I personally dislike auto-tune and agree with T-Pains critics that you’ve mentioned a bit up there. He has no talent. What was […]