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  • Conference Groups stay back for the last 30 minutes of class according to the schedule in the course syllabus.

    Group A

    Mohamed Sylla
    Abigail Aronova
    Gabriel Borokhov
    Alex Avila
    Jenna Choi

    Group […]



    Essay Readings

    “Monster Culture (Seven Theses)” by Jeffrey Jerome Cohen
    “Masters of Desire: The Culture of American Advertising” by Jack Solomon
    “Black Monsters/White Corpses: Kanye’s Rac […]

  • The class is organized into three units or progressions, each culminating in a graded essay assignment. You will also complete in-class and homework exercises throughout each progression; this work will contribute […]

  • Hic sunt dracones. “Here be dragons.” Here be monsters. This was the statement written on ancient maps at the borders of the known world, beyond which lay the vast, and often fearsome, unknown.

    [A monster thr […]

  • Good start. As discussed today, you could examine the way Nina is portrayed as “monstrous” due to her mental instability, and think about why and how the movie portrays her that way. You might ask yourself; does the environment or society affect Nina’s descent into madness in some way? Would you argue that although monstrous, she is really the victim here?

  • Good effort. I’m curious about your final question because it implies that you have other interpretations about the central message of Super Size Me; what would be the “other problems” that the director addresses (or fails to address) along with obesity? If there are problematic aspects you’ve observed about this documentary, what are they and why…[Read more]

  • Good work, and clear central question. As you’ve stated, you can focus on the intention of the director or writer in portraying interracial relationship in a certain way. Research the existing critical opinion of Black man-White woman relationship portrayed in the movie and form your own opinion as an answer to that.

  • Good start. During the conference hour, you’ve mentioned that you’re interested in the possible relationship between zombie virus tropes and real-life manipulation of people committed by world leaders. You would need to do find scholarly discussions that analyze zombie apocalypse scenarios as some sort of representation of real life, and/or why…[Read more]

  • Good work. As discussed in class, you would want to consider both the racial conflict and people’s willful acceptance of falsehood to get a clear focus. Research critical opinions about this conflict in the film to better understand why and how this is viewed as problematic, and think about your own response to it.

  • Good start. However, it seems that you are focusing more on the real life issue rather than the documentary itself. Since Super Size Me caused some controversy about the method of conveying the message (or how truthful it really is as a documentary), you would need to research existing opinions about it and figure out your own response to the…[Read more]

  • Good start. As discussed in class, you are touching on a very common theme on superhero movies, which is: is the “hero” an actual heroic figure or just a dangerous mutant with terrifying powers? You might want to find some scholarly articles that discuss such dilemma in superhero movies to understand your film’s context better.

  • Good start. You have observed interesting details in the film that affect our way of accepting the romance plot, namely that both the main character and the fish person are outcasts in some way. You might want to ask yourself why this movie chose to portray Elisa as a mute person (surrounded by people who represent minority groups as well), how…[Read more]

  • Fair effort. At this stage you seem to be assuming that Venom and Eddie both have a reason to not want to fight for the humanity, but you would need to elaborate on why you think that way (are there plot points or clues that point towards it?). Also, research professional film critics’ review of Venom to understand what they are saying in terms of…[Read more]

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