• Helpful MLA review list

    Danticat, Edwidge
    see her essay for this information
    Lamott: see her essay for this info

    Essay Title: I Walk into a White Room
    Book Title: The Creative Habit: Learn it and Use […]

  • T 9/12: KW, AM, RA, AA, M. Amster

    Th 9/14: MN, MB, AS, Gianna

    Th 10/5: Isobel, Ray, Gianna

    T 10/10: Kimberly, Meira, Jon. J.Kasmer, Melissa, Sophia

    Th 10/12: Isobel, Brian,  Aaron, Xin Chen

    T […]

  • Syllabus (all changes will be reflected here)

    Dialogic Journal (Download to type directly in it)

    Rhetorical Analysis Essay


    Narrative Essay

    Narrative Rubric

    Research Plan

  • PLEASE Print and have with you at every class: CST ELA Exam

    Th 8/31: Martin A Writing Assignment; Intro from Understanding Rhetoric; NYTIMES OP-ED What should children read

    T 9/5: Common Core Wiki […]

  • Dialogic Journal

    Essay 1

    Close Reading Rubric

    Outline Format Essay 2

    Annotated Bib Assignment

    Annotated Bib Example with rubric

    Evaluating Content (Research)

    Research Plan #1

    MLA Style […]

  • Th 8/31: Danticat “Create Dangerously” & All Immigrants are artists

    T 9/5: Tharp I walk into a White Room

    Th 9/7: Atwood& Herrigal

    T 9/12 & Th 9/14: John Cage Lecture on Nothing

    T 9/19: Shitty First […]

  • wtronrud wrote a new post, 201W Resource, on the site 201W Course Resources 9 months ago

    I have documented my work with 201W across two different semesters here. You will find past syllabi, resources, my reflections about best practices (what worked/what didn’t), and other tools.

  • Podcasts as a popular medium for entertainment is a relatively new phenomenon, the recent uptick in listeners beginning as recently as 2004. Serial, a wildly popular podcast, is an audio only form of entertainment […]

    • Had this podcast series been linear, I do not believe it would have attracted as many listeners that it pulled in by arranging it non-sequentially. A big part of the allure of Serial, is the fact that a murder case and trial are being told over to its listeners in story form, and not simply piece of evidence after evidence, and testimony after testimony. Had the story been told in a linear fashion, then details that Koenig leaves out intentionally in the earlier podcasts would be mentioned right away, and we, the listeners, would not have as many questions to keep us in suspense and thirsty for more. By Koenig relaying the story the way she did, she attracted more listeners and more of an awareness for Adnan’s case.

  • True or False: Serial pushes the boundaries of passive entertainment and engages listeners in the construction of narrative, and in a conversation about the repercussions of how, when and where a story is told (a […]

  • I found a few pieces of evidence problematic. I am choosing to talk about Mr. S. Mr. S is a character that I do not trust. Is it possible he is the killer? Yes it is possible but on the other hand, it is also […]

    • I disagree with the statement in your post, “the police never looked into it enough to actually find out.” The cops held on to Mr. S as a suspect for a while, especially considering that he barely had any connection to Hae to begin with. Perhaps what Koenig mentions at the end, about hearing about the case and not wanting to go to the police is plausible, but there is no proof either way. Due to Mr. S’s non-violent past, I do not believe him to be the killer. In addition, from his lack of connection to the case, he does not seem to be hiding information about the actual killer. I do believe Koenig (the narrator) was less biased in this episode, but only because the episode did not really revolve around Adnan, the main subject of her bias.

    • Since we have only listen to the first six episodes, I think it is too early to judge whether Mr. S “knows more than he is letting out.” This is my opinion because when the narrator introduces this man she said, “We will call him Mr. S for now, due to a reason you will learn about later” (“Leakin Park”). This statement makes me have a feeling that Mr. S still has a huge part to play in this podcast. In addressing your Blog on a whole, I disagree when you said, “Either way, his story is suspicious, ’’ I feel you need to convince us more why you say Mr. S story is suspicious. I feel that all of Mr. S actions thus far still make him an innocent man.

  • In episodes 2-6, identify one piece of evidence that troubles you and examine why it is problematic. Next, explore how that evidence has been represented in the podcast. To what extent does the podcast heighten or […]


    Week 2

    Mon June 8

    Paul Auster’s City of Glass Chapters 1-8. Intro to Paper 2 Close Reading & Imitation assignment Blog Posters Due

    Tues June 9
    City of Glass Chapters 9-End. Reading Quiz < […]

  • Choose ONE:

    Choose one moment from Paul Auster’s City of Glass that is of particular interest to you. Quote from it (using MLA requirements), and discuss its larger importance to chapters 1-8. Why is it […]

  • Choose ONE:

    Choose one moment from Paul Auster’s City of Glass that is of particular interest to you. Quote from it (using MLA requirements), and discuss its larger importance to chapters 1-8. Why is it […]

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    Instructions for your cover letter to your first paper: Please type 1-2 double spaced pages MAX. Please do not go over two pages.

    Please write it as a letter (Dear Wendy, Sincerely, Your […]

  • Make a connection between a point Tuan makes in either his intro or first chapter and Poe’s story, “William Wilson.” Articulate what you see the connection to be and use evidence from both texts (350-600 words […]

    • To the person that made the “kk” post, can you publish it please? It’s a draft, so nobody can comment. I’ve had this problem in the past with Qwriting. Just check it out, or else none of out will receive any credit. Thanks in advance!

  • Using the three readings that are due for Tuesday’s class, choose ONE prompt to which to respond:

    The unknown plays an important role in each text, and it takes on specific forms in each one. Discuss how the […]

  • For this last blog post, discuss a moment from Citizen that interests you or  confuses you. Use evidence and analyze and wonder about this moment. Draw connections between Rankine and at lease one other po […]

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