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    I agree with your point that immigrants are suffering the less pay and discrimination. They are living in fear and unfair. I think the government should doing something such as find problems in the system other than find issues on people. I really like the words in the photo that ” there is no such things as illegal immigrants, only illegal…[Read more]

  • Picture was taken by me at 5th AVE NBA Store for Celebrations of Chinese New Year (PS: No Immigrants, no diversity of language)

    From my opinion, immigration means that people who leave their native c […]

    • I like the perspective you took on immigration in terms of the increase in culture to the city. People are trying to limit immigration to America but forget that a lot of the things we enjoy are inspired by and come from the cultures of the people who live here. It is important to recognize things like this because it deviates from the negative steroeotypes about immigrants who are perceived to only bring crime and seen as unfavorable in America. I agree that in terms of jobs, Americans do sometimes have the upper hand of knowing English and being born here. If anything it is more difficult for immigrants to find good paying jobs due to language barriers and other circumstances that come with living in a new city. With this in consideration, it is hard to believe that Americans can blame immigrants for taking jobs when immigrants are often placed in low paying jobs and struggling to survive.

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    I agree with your point that Mr. Trump has a deep radical view on some groups of people such as immigration. He may think they are very easy to getting touch with the criminal. So the prison eventually becomes the place where they ended up. I also like the point that the government should educate them instead of trapping them in the prison…[Read more]

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    I agree with your point that the government should move some of the cost from the sport, which is much a wants to the needs (shelters) for their safty and social well being. Soicety needs changes in order to keep homeless people safe. From the other hands, the idea of pathology also is one of the reasons that happen on homeless people. Some of…[Read more]

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    After reading your post, I can see the change in Sunnyside right in my eyes even though I never been there before. The changes, lijke what you say, are going by details. The change is a good thing, but it also bring the increase of other such as the rent like what you point and it limites the life quilities of people who work with only little pay…[Read more]

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    Surbanization is the growth of the suburban area, including the creation of transportation tools by building the roads for people traveling to the city for working and back home. The Surbanization increases the […]

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    The first Great Migration, African American moving from the South to North, is on 1910-1940 and the second one is on 1940-1970. The Great Migration is one of the biggest movement in the US history. There are many […]

  • The campaign that I joined in high school is called The Global Kid, which is a group that focusing on the issues on the environment such as the climate change and global warming One of our main goals for the […]

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    I really like the word “incentive” you uses in your comment because I feel like that is the motivation that allows people to do anything. By using people’s wants, such as a better life in Us, the government uses minimum wage to encourage people to work hard and work more. The incentive does help both the economic in the counrty and our life as a person.

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    People usually misunderstanding the ideas of how well a person get pays due to their degrees of studying, which is parts of the truth. There are a lot of elements that cause the economic inequality in the society, which is no just the simple ways of saying that if you going to a famous college, you will have a decent pay after the graduation. Base…[Read more]

  • One of the ideas in a chapter from “Top-down Economics and Bottom-up Politics” is very interesting to me: Separation encompasses ideas of social segmentation, economic inequality, and sharp geographic iso […]

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    Poverty, based on the chapter from “Top-down Economics and Bottom-up Politics”, focuses on the “behavior of the poor, liberal public policy or economic structure”(4). In other words, the problems of poverty occur due to the different conflicts in the society and are not easily to find out if people do not pay enough attention to how heavily the…[Read more]

  • Instead of start reading the first page, I looked over some of the papers on the middle of the book. I got confuse by those weird pictures with some types of ships on it or some sorts of the countdown. The first […]

  • I love our workshop too. Let’s work hard together and improve our grade. I also find a lot of mistakes in my papers. The comments that our classmates gave really helping a lot!

  • Your paper is decent and I learn a lot from your paper. Hope to read your paper again something in the year.

  • To be honest, I thought my paper was pretty good when I submitted in. Now, after I read everyone’s comments. I find out that there are still a lot of improvements for my paper and that will be the gap in my […]

  • For all the papers I did from the beginning of the year to now, I am always trying my best to do my paper, but this time, I spent about double hours on this paper than other just because I want to improve myself […]

  • Different sample essays have their different styles of writing. Some of them are good to be learned by students. “The World Through the Eyes of a Child” and “The Monster’s Mother” are both have a clear thesis but […]

    • I agree with you that it can be difficult grading another persons paper. I noticed that a some of the papers lacked analysis.I agree with you that a good essay has a clear thesis and examples that support that argument.

    • I also agree that Cultural Relativity response reading is flawed in that the writer use I, you, us. While it is important to give your opinion in your argument, it is best to try to separate self from your writing. For instance the writer uses examples of cultural differences, but does not utilize sources other than himself. We don’t really know who he is, which impedes his credibility factor and on an overall note his entire argument’s credibility.

    • I agree with what you said about the paper having too many descriptive elements opposed to analysis. It was easy to get lost in all of the scenes because they weren’t in depth of the importance of them.

  • This book is interesting that I do not know what will happening on the next page that always make me feel a little scare but I agree with you that the readers just want to keep reading and would like to know what will happening after. I like you using the word “outcasted” referes to the idea of outsiders who is rejecting by the society because of…[Read more]

  • I agree with you that this book is strange. For me, starting of from the first page, I am not really can understand the main ideas and why Mr.Charles choose to draw a book like this. Hope the book will give me a sence happiness. Also, This is a comic book with only black and white. That makes me feel a little disappointed

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