Yanci Torres

  • Today will be my most productive day.
    I will wash my hair and even style it
    I will wash my face and even do my makeup
    I will pick an extraordinary outfit and actually wear it
    I will make my breakfast and even feed my dog
    I will do the laundry and even put it away
    I will fix my bed and try to not lay back in it
    I will sweep my floors…[Read more]

  • Original:
    Looking at the sky, I can see all the shapes
    Of geometric figures and faces
    Of animals and landscapes
    And even a shoe with laces

    Well when I look at you I see
    A smile with endless glee
    Eyes with endless hues of green
    And love with endless means

    In the sky we may see shapes
    like geometric figures and faces
    And…[Read more]

  • She said that love is in the air like a poisonous fog,
    And that she rather die like the earth
    He said he craved for her like a monster,
    And that he would love her like a hearth
    She said she didn’t need anyone, she is as lonely as a crow
    And he was too stupid to understand, broken as a stone.

  • Birds chirping on a Sunday morning like singing a lullaby
    is as blissful as the sunset’s glow through the window like a laser beam
    The touch of sand in between your toes seem as silky as satin
    And the water from the waterfall rushes down on you like a storm
    Nature is awake just as a baby awakens from a nap crying
    The storm is frightening b…[Read more]

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