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  • I also really like the “Are you thinking what I’m feeling” because a lot of us explore thought and feeling through language. Our exploration of the experience of thought and feelings is very interesting and intriguing.

  • I hope the headings/subheadings help with your organization. This will also help you with the transitions you want to work with. If you are afraid of being repetitive ask yourself if you’re adding something new in each paragraph, this could help you avoid that. Once you read new sources you will also realize there are a lot of other possible ideas…[Read more]

  • Hi Zainab! I feel the same way, I can’t believe we’re already back. I’m really glad you have reflected back on the advice that has been given to you. It’s also good that you’re also incorporating the checklist as a way to improve your writing. But I do agree with the professor when he said to not look at the checklist and try to get everything on…[Read more]

  • Zainab you have a lot of interesting sources that I can see will help guide you through your essay. You mention how Garland’s work will be interesting to use with Me Before You, which I agree with but I think it may also be relevant to use it for the Curious Incident, because one of the reviews we read in class for this reading dealt with Haddon…[Read more]

  • Hi Zainab! I remember we briefly talked about your thoughts on this papers last class and I found it to be a very interesting and important topic. I haven’t read the book Me Before You, but I have seen the movie. Of course it’s not exactly the same but I think I have a clear understanding of the general idea. Assisted suicide is something that…[Read more]

  • Your focus and attention to the color in Sir Gawain is very interesting. There is a big importance placed on the color green as it is the color the Green Knight wears but also it’s the color of the green belt that Gawain believes will save him. I also want to comment on the contrast between the hunting scene and the activities Gawain takes a part…[Read more]

  • I really liked your incorporation of reflection throughout your blog post because it got me thinking more of it. In the book we read Mukhopadhyay also mentions the act of relflecrion in a more literal way with the presence of mirrors but also goes further then the abstract object into finding the storiws these mirrors are telling. I’m not sure…[Read more]

  • I was really interested in your reading of this scene because it’s also a scene I found to very interesting. Also how you parralleled this scene with the hunting and then prey vs. man type of situation was also very clever. I want to add that it’s very interesting to see how the woman becomes the huntress and the male, in this case Sir Gawain,…[Read more]

  • I really enjoyed reading your post because we wrote about similar things using different words and having our own way of interpreting it. & I think that’s important to realize while reading this book and also the reviews. I know that your way of reading the book is different from mine and my way is different than yours & that is perfectly fine. I…[Read more]

  • I really like how you ended your post because after reading so many reviews I started to realize how not at lot of them give you the opportunity to have your own opinion. Instead all the reviews mostly talk about what is wrong, what is not, what if acceptable and what isn’t. This is very important in reviews but I also like having my own…[Read more]

  • I didn’t even make that connection between Gaipa’s 8th strategy & Tito and your connection does make sense to me. Reading your post indpiref me and help me made the connection between Tito and the moment he gets diagnosed as Autism. I’m going to propose that he picked an argument by saying that all these different things that flapped or could…[Read more]

  • Yazmin Estrada commented on the page, on the site Make Up Your Mind 5 years ago

    I love your addition of “giving a sticker” to Gaipa’s list too! I think it’s great that you are in a sense also adding yourself to the conversation Gaipa had with scholarly work and how to use it, add on, take from, & everything in between to make your writing more powerful. In the last sentence you mention how ” by ‘picking a fight’ you’re…[Read more]

  • We wrote something very similar! I also used that quote in my post because it really resonated with me and it’s so true. There is so much in life that can’t be understood, that can’t be explained, and that just don’t make sense. Not giving us, the readers, and perfect ending with no loose ends wouldn’t do justice I think, especially because i…[Read more]

  • Yazmin Estrada commented on the page, on the site Reading Minds 5 years ago

    I agree with Lisa and think you did a really good job at presenting a lot of important parts of the story. I also want to add on to your mention of the apology letter Julia wrote and how it honestly did not seem to have much significance because it still didn’t seem genuine. She talks about how sorry she is for making African Americas oppressed…[Read more]

  • The texts I am nominating are:
    Fun Home – Alison Bechdel (My genre class read this book and I found it super fascinating. It dealt with the genre of elegies but also the different forms that an elegy or any genre can take and how the form can add to your reading and understanding.

    Invisible Man – Ralph Ellison

    We Love You, Charlie…[Read more]

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