• Thumbnail Bonnie and Clyde Arthur Penn   I noticed that i was fallen in this film when i was watching this. The plot was really exciting and it was really ……..uh… fun. I couldn’t watch the very beginning of this film because i was late, but i could understand what was going on. I loved several […]

  • wow nice work. i liked how u described the shots with lots of details, and i liked the cuts that jason mentioned… good work.

  • yeongbinkim commented on the blog post Bonnie & Clyde 8 years, 9 months ago

    thanks for reminding me this film’s plot, i was going to write this one too.. anyways, i agree with ^ his idea that i hoped they would escape from there…. i can see your thoughts and ideas.. good work

  • thanks for the comments. umm comparing to my writes, your write is really awesome.. its detailed, understandable, and i can see what your saying in here. nice work

  • ThumbnailAnalysis # 2 2nd Question : The Materiality of Film Movie : Psycho   Director : Alfred Hitchcock Scene : Shower scene   watch?v=8VP5jEAP3K4&feature=share Short      In this write, I will explain about a scene from “Psycho” by Alfred Hitchcock. I suppose that the most interesting scene in this film is a shower scene because of the techniques which the Hitchcock used. In this […]

  • Thumbnail Meshes of the Afternoon Maya Deren   Not like today’s movies, which are 2hours long, this movie is just 13m 29s, and i felt a lot by this film. This film’s main theme is DREAM. At first, i wasn’t sure (still im not sure) what author was trying to say through this film.  What i understand is that a […]

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    i agree that the topic of this film was not exciting but it was still great film. i didn’t notice that umberto didnt act before but he was really great. As you did, i also thought he really did good job on facial expression.. thanks for recalling me the story and feeling of this film […]

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    i agree ..i was interesting at the reflection things.. those techniques are really nice and i would never get those ideas if i lived at that time. comparing today, its not that adorable but, i think this film has the best techniques uses comparing to what we saw in our class..

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    ummmmmmm… nice writes.. ok.. i agree that the last scene was really interesting.. but i didn’t expect that they die.. i hoped that they have happy life at the last.. how sad life would be if they just die when Umberto had really hard and unfair life.. anyways.. i got many ideas by your post […]

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    Yea.. i felt same thing as u did for the last scene in this film… money is not everything.. and maybe money is not necessary for the happy life… but i hoped this film ends with the happy ending.. because Umberto never had happy life in this film.. he kicked out from home.. no money.. […]

  • Thumbnail First, i was glad that we can watch Asian movie in American class. It was first time that i watch Asian women or men in our class(not in class but anyways..) who were so familiar to me. I was happy….ok.. I think this film was all about decisions. Will Noriko marry?, will Yabe’s wife follow […]

  • ThumbnailAnalysis # 1 “Double Indemnity” (Last scene) Shot # 1   ————>   Framing – Extreme close up Camera Placement – Straight shot on a window and moved to right side of a man Description – A man is talking about how did he murdered a woman and a man by phone Lighting – Low key light Depth of field […]

  • Thumbnail   Umberto D. Vittorio De Sica Umberto was an honest and clean and retired civil servants. He got fixed income to pay the rent and some foods but he gets really low. He will kicked out from his house eventhough he was old and kind with his dog, flike.  I had some events that keep recalling in my mind.      […]