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    I enjoy the beginning of the movie gives a suspense, and then it goes back to the date when Mitch first met Lucy. The flashback cinematography is similar to “Citizen Kane”. I thought Kyle must be shot by someone, but actually he shot himself. I think this is a significant way to keep focusing on […]

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    I feels the colors of this film show the personalities of the characters. For example, the red in Marrylee dressing and car symbolize her passion of love and danger. At the end of the story, Marrrylee is first time to change in a formal lady suit. It shows that she becomes mature to run the […]

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    I enjoy the charm of Michel. He is actually a smart guy. But I guess he just uses his talent on the wrong thing. If he could strike for a right career as normal people, I think Patricia would definitely go with him. I am surprise that she does not even show any sadness about […]

  • This film uses a lot of direct scenes of driving, which make me feel like I am really taking his car. I also see the film provides a lot street views. It is a small film, but it is closer to the real life. The story itself might lack of plots. However, the last scene […]

  • Thumbnail Written on the Wind is a typical family film directed by Douglas Sirk and distributed by Universal International Pictures in 1956. The storyline is based on Robert Wilber’s same name novel written in 1945. The film illustrates a story about Mitch Wayne, Kyle Hadley, Kyle’s sister Marrylee Hadley, and Lucy Moore. Mitch is an excellent […]

  • ThumbnailAn alcoholic playboy Kyle and his wayward sister Marrylee are the children of Texas oil baron Jasper Hadley. They spend their childhood with their best friend Mitch Wayne. Marrylee loves Mitch since she was young, but Mitch only loves her as brother. Occasionally, Mitch meets the executive secretary Lucy Moore in the office while her boss […]

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    ThumbnailMichel Poiccard (Jean-Paul Belmondo) is a petty thief who steals cars for life. After stealing a car in Marseille, he kills a policeman who follows him on the way to Paris. While Michel is collecting money from the buyer, he meets Patricia (Jean Seberg), an American student and journalist, who sells the New York Herald Tribune […]

  • Thumbnail          In “Citizen Kane” (Orson Welles, Mercury Productions and RKO Studio, 1941), the scene where a banker named Walter Parks Thatcher recalled Kane’s life experience used deep focus, artful lighting, and historical flashbacks to display Kane’s rise and fall of his career. Comparing the loss of Kane’s childhood and the secret of Kane’s last word “rosebud”, Welles disclosed the complexity […]

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    Thumbnail                         “Citizen Kane” narrated a tale of a millionaire newspaper magnate Charles Forest Kane. He had twice marriages and twice divorces. The first was to marry with a president’s niece Emily Norton who left him in 1916 and died in a motor accident with her son in 1918. The second was to marry with a […]

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                             “The Lady Eve” illustrates a romantic comedy between a fraud Jean and a millionaire Charles Pike (nickname: Hopsie), who just returned from studying snakes in Amazon. Jean first met Charles in a ship heading to New York. Charles soon fell in love with her because of her beauty and sophisticated talk. At the beginning, […]