• Thumbnail­United States, 1939 Cast: Clark Gable (Rhett) Vivien Leigh (Scarlett O’Hara) Leslie Howard (Ashley Wilkes) Olivia De Havilland (Melanie Hamilton) Director: Victor Fleming Producer: David O. Selznick Music: Max Steiner U.S. Distributor: MGM Running Length: 3:42 I have to say Gone with the wind is my all time favorite movie and I watched it over and […]

  • ThumbnailThe movie that I want to analysis is Breathless (Jean-Luc Godard, 1960) because I think this is a  “new” movie to me, its shooting skill, plot and editing are giving me a huge surprise which is just like a modern movie and I cannot imagine it belongs to 60s. Breathless was shot on hand-held camera in […]

  • I like Breathless more than La Jetee. Honestly, I’m not really understand La Jetee’s plot and I think the man’s breathing sound in La Jetee is so annoying and give me the feeling like so uncomfortable. And about Breathless, even the plot is not really interesting for me but I do like the character’s personality […]

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    Thumbnail Michel is a funny and straight guy, he likes to say out what he thinks and wants. The background music is great, it gives me the happy and relax mood to enjoy the movie and I think the background music is matching Michel’s personality. According to the plot, background music and character’s personality, I can’t […]

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    Yea, the shower part is my favor scene in this movie because it is not that violence as I think. And I think so many movies are copying the similar plot as this part but the feeling is totally different from Psycho.

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    Umberto D this movie is close to realistic. Even though the story is just talking around a poor old man how to surviving in a selfish, cold-blood modern world, it also has the touching moment between the doggie and Mr. Umberto. But the music is giving me the poor and unhappy mood from the beginning […]

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    Yea, I think the driving scene of Marion is very attracted and mystery because of her facial expression and the background music are making me feels like intensity.And about Norman, I think he is a poor character because he can’t control himself for not killing people. I think Norman’s childhood was really unhappy and it […]

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    Yes, the music and lighting also is a main condition to make people scare, of course with the character’s facial expression is a good match.

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    Yea, I am totally agree with you. Human mind is very complicated, we can’t read it by our eyes. Like Norman, I can’t believe that he has split personality and he is the killer until I finish the ending of this movie.

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    Mother India is a very sad story, director used a detailed way to depict a poor family in India. Durga’s father is a nice guy, smile always on his face and that is a big contract with Durga’s mother who is a serious housewife and she is very care about people how to think about […]

  • Thumbnail This is my first time to watch Psycho and I think this is a great movie though, director’s clear editing and powerful background music are giving me surprise. I think this movie conveys some imply messages to an audience and the following points are my observation. (character) Norman: I think his name also meaning ” […]

  • Yea, finally we have a color movie 🙂 But I also agree with you that the color is too bright, it’s totally different from the color movies as today. I just can say technology is moving so fast. Anyway, I love Melodrama so much because it combines drama and music and the story is always […]

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    Even Ozu’s movie style is slow and quiet but his movie is close to reality. The characters in his movie are very details and unique, like Noriko – she is a easy going girl that I can tell from her sweet smile. And I also agree with your opinion, Early summer makes us more understanding […]

  • Thumbnail To my thinking, Early Summer is a simple story with the complicated message and serenity & emotional richness inside. Ozu’s film style is slow and quiet, I think Ozu wants his audience to slow down the beat to enjoy every details (i.e. furniture in the house), scenes (character’s micro facial expression) and background music. Ozu […]

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    Thumbnail Umberto D is a neo-realist classic, I see nothing about happy and joyful in this movie. And the background music is giving me a mood like without helpful, the characters give me the feeling as the following. Umberto represents a old man without dignity. Maria represents a lower class woman. Landlady represents an upstart with […]

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    Thumbnail I think this is the masterpiece of Preston Sturges, I love the characters and story so much. Charles Pike is a honest guy and Jean Harrington is a smart woman, a big contrast pair but good match. And one of the scenes I like so much which is almost all of the women are staring […]

  • The movie that I want to analysis is Citizen Kane (Orson Welles, RKO pictures, 1941) I think this movie’s cinematography, lighting, music and color is different from the same period’s movie. Citizen Kane’s cinematography is very unique, its lighting and color are tending to dark because the director wants to create a mysterious mood at […]

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    I do like the story of “Out of the past” but I don’t like the tragic ending of Bailey. Poor Ann is waiting for Bailey to come back and she deeply believe that Bailey will not go away with Kathie. Unfortunately, Bailey get shot and poor Ann still want to prove that Bailey is in […]

  • Thumbnail Basically I don’t think “M” is a horror film or crime dram, I think it’s a philosophical film. Actually the Killer Hans Beckert is a complicated person, sometime I think he is lacking human emotion when he is killing a little girl but at the end of the movie I find out he is a […]

  • I’m totally agree with your comments. Actually I’m not that kind huge fans of a gangster movie but I think this is a good movie though. The story is very attractive to me even it’s not a happy ending. This movie is showing me the background and culture in the “Roaring Twenties”, “Jazz Age”and “Flaming […]

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