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    “Lady Eve” is a lovely story and I think their story is so romantic and funny. And I think the personality of Jean and Charlie is a big contrast too. Jean is a smart and tricky girl and I can tell from her face expressions but Charles is a straight guy who is a simple […]

  • Orson Welles is a smart person, he used a completely different way to narrated Kane’s story. At the beginning, the scene is showing Kane is almost pass away but he left a hint for us – “Rosebud”. This is a smart way to attract the audience to keep watching the whole movie and find out […]

  • Hi Guys,

    My name is Josephine and nice to see you guys here. I love to watch movies but not often to watch the Black & White movie and this is the time for me to appreciate it and I hope to share my thinking and feeling of the “old” movies with U guys 🙂