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    Here, you choose the same scene as Joanna’s. Believe me, you two have different standpoints and styles. And what’s more, you mention in Joanna’s comment that you post it up in the last few minute. But, what I just read is a specific persuasive essay. I must say that Hitchcock is a genius. Even I […]

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    This is a typical JR style blog. You put your own feeling into this paper,which is really unique, like Roger Eber writing his film reviews. Especially, you mostly focus on music. From my point of view, without background music, films will not be as attractive as it is now. I somehow write about music either […]

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    We did the same movie here. The Lady Eve is absolutely a special movie told by a female perspective. I like the way how you write Jean making fun of those ladies who try to draw Charles’s attention. She not only watch him but also watch them. Another things surprised me is that it is […]

  • ThumbnailThe Female Gaze ( the mirror scene) As Daniel Chandler’s notes on “The Male Gaze” proposed by Laura Mulvey, “Traditional films present men as active, controlling subjects and treat women as passive objects of desire for men in both the story and in the audience, and do not allow women to be desiring sexual subjects in […]

  • Sorry for to late to reply.. 😀 All I think about this movie is just how powerless the old man are, which is the Neorealism pay attention to. Actually your blog, in a sense, stirs me an idea to write about the relationship between the dog and the old man. It’s really a sad movie […]

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    I totally agree with you that Citizen Kane is so awesome. It has become my favorite movie recently. The filmmakers used flashback to connect this whole movie, in a chronological order, which is great because I believe that narration is the most common way to shoot a movie at that time. The technique skills used […]

  • I must say that Umberto D this movie totally shows a pessimistic vision of life. The relationship between the dog and Umberto, the pregnant girl and Umberto, the landlady and Umberto… are the main lines of this movies. The movie shows the Italian Neorealism through many aspects. First of all, I’d like to talk about the mise-en-scene […]

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    You specifically analyze Kane this character. It makes sense like you wrote that “how everything he did was because he wanted to be loved. ” What’s more I think maybe he wants to be loved from his parents, since “Rosewood” is the last word in his life. His parents sign him over to the banker […]

  • Prof. Herzog, I know that you said, ” Please do not select the scene from the opening sequence.” However, please watch the clip and read my analysis because I believe that some parts of my analysis wasn’t spoken about  in class. To be frank,  in my memory, I don’t think anyone spoke my ideas before during […]

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    First of all, THANKS, Jermal! You are the first one who comments my blog, which encourages me, even my writing sucks…… Secondly, thanks for the compliment about the crystal ball scene. I didn’t figure out the ball when the nurse came in at first. However, after ruining Alexandra’s room when she left him, the only […]

  • Thumbnail“Citizen Kane” can be named as a pioneer in that period. It created a new usage of the light/shadow, the low-angle shooting…..There are a lot of scenes worth discussing in ” Citizen Kane” .     First of all, the beginning of the film really impressed me a lot. The appearance of the close-up shot , […]