• Agreed, although I knew the original plot line before I saw the film, I was still amazed as to how Bonnie forced her way into the heart of Clyde. They were so compatible that beyond this great action film was a love story for the ages.

  • The film that is of subject here is “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” which debuted in 1956 and was directed by Don Siegel.  One of the best science fiction films of all time, this story captured the attention of numerous critics and is well known to have had one of the best remakes as well.  […]

  • Far and away my favorite movie of the semester (besides Psycho but I’m not counting that since I’ve seen it a million times).  It felt like this movie went  by in a blink, I really enjoyed it that much.  I love the way it incorporated not only action but relevant, in  depth dialogue as well. […]

  • I know I’m a little late to the party here.  I was absent on the day we watched this film in class so I caught it on my own and man did I love it.  First off, I can’t stand long movies so this was right down my ally, 28  minutes and right to the […]

  • I like how you take a different viewpoint in your blog entries. Their fun to read. I also find it interesting as to how Godard went about creating his films and the reasoning behind them. One thing that often bothers me is the people that rank films such as Ebert, are not known for making […]

  • Wow! Awesome insight. Sometimes when I get so into watching a film I completely pass over simple ideals like this. I agree that communism was definitely being related to and it was done quite well in my opinion. The message is obvious and at the time it was released I’m sure the feelings of communism […]

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    I completely agree. Bollywood has an amazing style, which usually revolves around the use of colors and dance sequences. I didn’t feel that the film we watched really gave us a feel of what Bollywood is mainly known for. If you liked that scene you should certainly check out some Bollywood films. My favorite actor […]

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    Great post. One of my favorite things that Hitchcock does before he reaches the climactic scene in his films is that he familiarizes the audience with his characters. By the time that scene hits, he has sucked the audience in to the point where they almost feel like they are taking part in the film. […]

  • To begin, I am not exactly a huge fan of independent cinema.  I find much of it difficult to understand and as I plan on going into the business side of entertainment, it’s hard to see much money coming from any of this.  I realize that the majority of these films were done for artistic […]

  • I felt that this film was comparable to Ozu’s “Early Summer.”  It focused on the little things in life rather than a bigger, and dare I say, more interesting plot line.  I do realize that this “Apu Trilogy” has become one of the most significant pieces of film culture to come from India, however I […]

  • Agree completely, I wasn’t attempting to “knock” the style of melodrama but was just commenting on the visuals that I grasped.

    Similar to film noir, melodramas have their own way of doing things and expressing the intended messages.

  • Honestly, I sat here for about an hour and wrote 2 paragraphs about Written on the Wind.  I then erased the whole thing because I hated what I wrote and it just seemed so scripted or “essayish.”  No one on here wants to read a boring essay. So I decided to just state my bluntly […]

  • I do understand what your saying but I think it was more of the directors way of shooting a film rather than a symbol of their culture. In Japan, there were many films during this time period that came out and showed an extensive history of not only the background of Japan but the current […]

  • Thanks for the comment professor!

    And I do plan on doing the extra credit as well.

    It actually completely slipped my mind about this class being pre-1970. It’s never a waste watching any sort of film….can always open your eyes to new perspectives 🙂

  • Well I really hope it doesn’t turn you off of Japanese films! There are so many great ones that will certainly interest you!

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    Hi! I am really into foreign films and have begun watching Bollywood this year. I have gotten really addicted to them…although I find it somewhat difficult to watch them often because many of the good ones seem to be 3+ hours. My favorite bollywood actor is Amir Khan….i was wondering who yours are? And if […]

  • I really liked how you focused on the directors method of shots (tatami). I kept wondering this throughout the film. Often I find this technique used very rarely throughout movies in order to portray some sort of power in a specific character. However in this film it seemed to be extremely overused and didn’t seem […]

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    Hey Laura,

    I was just wondering what you thought of the Ozu film that we watched. Obviously, from my most recent post, if you have read it….you see that I have a strong negative opinion on the film!
    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Adam B.

  • To begin, I was extremely disappointed in this choice of film to review our Japanese section of the course.  Last year, I actually had the opportunity to study abroad in Japan with an in depth look at their film industry.  The course I took not only studied Japanese film history but also allowed the students […]

  • Hey! Sorry for the late reply….I have been so busy the past few weeks that when I get on here I like to overload. Anyways, in regards to Hong Kong films, I do agree that the majority are the police/gangster/hitman type films. My favorite newer films from Hong Kong is the Ip Man series which […]

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