• I likeed jump cuts. Breathless is an intoductory example of jump cuts, but there are many movies that adopted jump cuts more sophisticated way. Some of directors use that tecqnique is Steven Sodderberg ( like his ocean’s eleven sequels) and Quentin Tarantino in Kill Bill.

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    Before Wriiten on the Wind, I didnt know about Dorothy Malone. After I the watching the movie, I could say that she was really awesome in the movie. She was in the other fims by Douglas Sirk but those were not as famous as Wriiten on the Wind. I didnt notice the cross-cutting pattern and […]

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    I liked Out of the Past quite a lot. But,it took me a while to understand whats going on the movie. I would like to check out “the killers”; I m sure another noir films would help me to understand the genre better.

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    I agree with you the relationship between Noriko and the sister in law.There was unsaid understanding between them. I didnt notice that the sister in law stay quite or lonely after Noriko leaves for work until I read this. You are right life and relationships are subtle in the film, not loud and over the […]

  • I like the clip too….where can i watch the movie?

  • To me, Kyle and Marylee was not a bad person like typical villan in Hollywood Movies. They were very complicated characters; I find them lost and spoiled rich individual.What happend to them is sad but if it didnt happen the movie would never have a interesting plot !

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    The shower scene was really well shot.I would never guess that so many cameras were installed to shoot the scene. Norman Bates was really good and so was Marion Bates. They seems so normal and everyday but both of them has a secret( Norman is mentally ill where as Marion stole money)!!

  • Hi, I would say that the films are shown in the class were only 1930 to 1970. Indian cinema obviously has moved forward though it kept some of its original characteristics (like singing and dancing) To answer the question how to judge a film Indian or not. I would say that it doenst matter who […]

  • I like how you analyze the after opera scene. The scene is also a good exapmle of misenscene and deep focus in Baroque style. High and low focus observation is very symbolic to me. I agree with you that Kane had a strong ego and at times it seems he doesnt care for anything except […]

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