• Saleem breaking up into 600 million specs is a nice way to end the novel because India has that many people, promoting the fact that he was connecting with India. Shiva’s story confused me a bit. It also seemed that one of Saleem’s main goals was to leave his story for his posterity which establishes […]

  • I agree with my peers about Saleems amnesia. He really has no identity because he cant remember it. Another reason he seems vacant is because having a direct role in the war can make anyone feel small because of the warlike atrocities he witnesses. The chain of command can play a role as well because […]

  • I found out that the India-Pakistan conflict consisted of four wars that were for Kashmir and other reasons. Saleem loses his powers and his connection to MCC but does his new sense of smell allow him still connect with India? I feel that it will be difficult for him to accomplish anything without his telepathy. […]

  • I agree with my peers about who is who in the novel. Im a little confused why Saleem’s family moved to Pakistan for four years. Also, this struggle between India and Pakistan started from? Territory, language, religion Im not realy sure. The jumping back and forth through time is still tough to grasp these time […]

  • Doctor Narlikar’s death seems a little comical, tragic and a little noble. It is comical because he was a gynocologist and women led to his demise in a sense. It’s tragic because it was almost like a gang murder and a little noble because he died for his ideal. Although he was against procreation due […]

  • Padma’s response is justifiable because she has been taking care of him this whole time and felt misled when she found out about his switch at birth. It can be argued that the people Saleem has been talking about are not his biological family and that he should not be so influenced by their past […]

  • Saleem is a very detail-oriented narrator and his images are very vivid. I am not familiar with this part of the world. It is like a complete culture shock. Its amusing to see Dr. Aziz make house call traveling by boat(shakara). It is a little difficult to follow along with the characters. Padma seems like […]

  • I agree with my class mates. Also Lola is realizing that it is what it is. The fuku of Trujillo lives on because this family has seen it through generations. That dark cloud that is Trujillo casted a shadow on their existence throughout, she thought maybe by running away she would be saved but with […]

  • I agree with my peers and see the relationship between Oscar and Yunior as positive. The problem is that Oscar was at the point were he needed professional help and counseling. Yunior acting as a personal trainer emphasized Oscars physical appearence when he should have nurtured his mental state as well. In theory Yunior was […]

  • I speak no espagnol so suffice it to say I have been looking up lots of spanish words and sentences. I can understand most of his references but I really didn’t know anything about Shazam and his cave (pg.94). Shazam is an acronym for 6 ancient heroes. S=wisdom of Solomon H=strength of Hercules A=stamina of […]

  • First we should look at who Galactus is. He devours planets and he is a villain. Oscar is not a powerful villain, he is an overweight nerd who is well read. Starting the book with a quote from Galactus is like who Oscar wants to be. He wants to take over this world maybe through […]

  • In Act 2 scene 2 Prior and the Angel seemed very comical. Also It was an unusual twist to a creation myth “Angelic orgasm makes protomatter, which fuels the Engine of Creation”. I also liked the relationship between Belize and Roy because of the tension they almost seemed like they were gonna succumb to punches […]

  • All the characters in part 1 of the play are intriguing because of their real life problems. Joe battles with his sexual identity while his wife Harper is dosing herself to the point of hallucinations. Walter Prior is deteriorating physically due to AIDS and his boyfriend Louis is finding the worst time to explore his […]

  • The Thurber and Alexei short stories were the ones I identified with most. I enjoyed the way the protagonist bounced back and forth from dreaming to reality. It reminded me of old couples that one partner grips on to the past and the other just jokes about the fact like when a man says he […]

  • I enjoyed how some of the characters evolved into their own. Denver matures and becomes the head of the household and Paul D. becomes a crutch for Sethe. Sethe was on the brink but with help from her comrades and family she was able to get over the heaviness that was Beloved. This ending seemed […]

  • Part II is tough to follow but in the beginning we see Stamp being a pillar to this free-slave community. He reminds his house that Christians behave a certain way and that we should not forget that. This free-slave community might not have many luxuries but they have eachother. Sweethome might have been a place […]

  • The way Morrison constructs allows readers to see the horrors of the characters past. What they are becoming is due to what they went through as slaves. Each character that lived through “Sweet Home” can not break free from these memories. I believe that Morrison’s intent is to show the world that these characters are […]

  • I was gonna start by filling up the blog with question marks. It is difficult to keep up with who’s who in Beloved. I know that Sethe is the protagonist and she struggles with the horrible past on the “Sweet Home” plantation. What a peculiar name for something that is so terrible and that evokes […]

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    Both characters are easy to sympathize with. Zachariah is a character that evokes living in the now. He is hard working and driven by simple urges and pleasures. Morris on the other hand is about building a future. He has a goal and is trying to achieve it with his brother. Morris is educated and […]

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    In No Name Woman the narrator is trustworthy but embelishes her aunt’s story because of the lack of attention that she receivede from her death. The aunts death was a secret that the narrator believed brought shame to her family but she felt obligated to write about her. The narrator also introduces the reader to […]