• After reading five hundred pages of events that were forcefully paralleled together to have it end the way it did was disappointing. I guess I should not have been surprised considering the book started moving in a downward spiral towards the end. In my opinion, the book started off with a promising story of a […]

  • I am not sure what to make of this because although at first it seems as if Saleem has become “vacant” with no sense of self, he quickly reverts to his old ways. I am going to take a guess and say this “vacant” period is due to his claim of having amnesia. Whether or […]

  • I am still kind of confused by Saleem’s self-importance. I do not understand his need to be the cause-and-effect to everything that occurs. This goes hand in hand with my confusion from last class with Cyrus-the-Great and Saleem’s disappointed of not being considered a holy figure. Saleem states, “…I dreamed Kashmir into the fantasies of […]

  • I am generally confused with the beginning of “Revelations”. I have no idea what pages 306-307 are trying to convey. Pages 308-309 more or less clear up my confusion, but I am still unsure. What happened to Saleem’s childhood friend? How did he all of a sudden become some huge religious figure? Also who is […]

  • The episode I find most interesting so far occurs on pages 252-253. Saleem is now contacting the other Midnight’s Children via his psychic powers and he finally meets Shiva. The section that interests me is the one where Shiva talks about purpose: “For what reason you’re rich and I’m poor? Where’s the reason in starving, […]

  • I think the circumstances of the Doctor’s death was kind of ironic. His tetrapod project intended for land creating and making more space for the already over populated India, was turned into a shrine to Shiva. Shiva is the God of both destruction and creation. Dr. Narlikar was infuriated because creation is the last thing […]

  • I agree with Saleem’s justification. Saleem states, “..children were being born who were only partially the offspring of their parents—the children of midnight were also the children of the time: fathered, you understand, by history” (132). What Saleem means is due to the circumstances of his birth, it does not really matter that he was […]

  • So far the only things I can observe about Saleem are that he is very thorough in his story telling and he is possibly sick in some way. Saleem states, “Enough confessions. Bowing to the ineluctable Padma-pressures or what-happened-nextism, and remembering the finite quality of time at my disposal…” (38). This quote gives me the […]

  • It seems that throughout the novel Lola experienced or heard about a lot of injustices within the Dominican community, leading her to that comment on page 324. In my opinion, sex seemed to be the driving force in this novel. Every single character used sex as a weapon or a tool to get what they […]

  • I saw Yunior’s mission in mostly a negative light. He outwardly admits to the mission beginning as a way to keep himself housed on campus: “but I was taking care of my own damn self” (170). A few pages later Yunior decides that the reason why Oscar was going through his makeshift boot camp was […]

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    In this section I encountered a lot of phrases in Spanish. I understood some of them thanks to four years of Spanish classes in school, but there was still a lot I did not know. I looked up the word “parigüayo/a” because it appeared in the text more than once. I found out that it […]

  • The reason I think the author choose to open the book with a quote from a comic book was because of the context of the novel. Although the second chapter really concentrates on Oscar’s sister, the book is named after Oscar giving me the impression that he is really the main subject. Oscar feels like […]

  • Although I still think Louis and Prior had a very interesting relationship, I will pick a new couple to talk about this time. After reading Perestroika the relationship that really struck me as interesting was the one between Belize and Roy. Out of the many relationships that spun out of control in Perestroika, Belize and […]

  • While reading the play I found Louis and Prior’s relationship to be the most interesting. Louis seems to have a huge issue with witnessing death. Although it is not particularly easy for anyone to deal with death, most people do not run out and abandon their loved ones in their final hours like Louis did […]

  • Out of the five pieces that were assigned, I would have to say the speaker of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” was easiest for me to identify with. The speaker spent his day running average errands in his seemingly average life. Throughout the day he spends his time mostly daydreaming of fantastical events that […]

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    I, for the most part, thought the ending was fitting for the story. I am not sure if one could say the novel had a happy ending, but I am glad that Beloved was chased off by the other women in the community. I am also glad that Denver stepped out of her isolation and […]

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    Beloved’s two chapters of what I assume to be inner monologue really confused me. I am not sure what exactly to point out because mostly everything about the section confused me. The second of her two chapters made a little more sense to me than the first. It seems like towards the end of the […]

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    After finishing part one I believe Morrison decided to write the novel in this manner to help the reader understand and connect with Sethe. If Morrison told the events in chronological order the reader would never be able to emotionally connect with Sethe and instead distant oneself because of what she did. I believe the […]

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    I am kind of confused by the setting of the book so far. I understand Sethe ran away from a plantation and now lives in a house called “124”, but how did Sethe purchase this house? Where did Sethe find work after slavery? It seems like it just appeared there after she gave birth to […]

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    In my opinion I think Zachariah is the more sympathetic character. Although Morris seemed to be the one sacrificing himself for Zachariah the entire play, that sacrifice seemed to turn into more of a guilty conscious as the play went on. Morris admits to Zachariah that he had a chance for a “better life” because […]

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