• I believe that the end of the book was perfect. the fact that it didn’t have an happy ending is what I appreciated the most. The story of a young boy that believes , he is a part of something important is beautiful in the sense that it reflects the oppression of the country, it […]

  • I am looking forward to find out Saleems destiny in the next chapters. In addition what is going to happen to Jamilia and Saleem after all the discussions.

  • I believe that this part of the story, Saleems amnesia its the authors way to point out the weakness of this character. The moment of confusion that its part of humanity. This moment of insecurity that he converts as convenient in that moment of suffering. Saleem character is one self center, powerful, arrogant attitude that […]

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    The word ” hijo de puta is simililar to ” hijo de la porra” they both mean son of a bitch and that I was familiar with. However the word comehuevo translates in Spanish, eat eggs and I don’t know how that relates to the story.

  • I believe that Lola has a negative perception that was gained throughout her experiences or those of other people. The notion of sex is one mentioned as the main weapon in obtaining positive results. It seems to me that although she could adjust the lens, she is also categorizing in this case the Dominican culture […]

  • Saleem is very descriptive within his stories. He wants to walk you through the events he encounter and leaves me with a sense of wanting to know more

  • I can relate with Saleems because it is my believe that a father or mother is whom raised the person. He seems quite optimistic person to me with a mind set purpose.min addition to the above, Saleem’s power can be also describe as having a different set of mind( knowledge than her) so this can […]

  • I can relate to Saleems justification because it is my believe that a father or mother is whom raises the person. He seems quite optimistic person to me

  • I believe he opened this book with the quote because of his fascination with sic-fy, comics, and fantasy. This is also a reflection of how Oscar is portray through the whole book. It introduces us to the world of this character.Whats reality and whats fictional

  • At first I believe that Joe and Harper had the most interesting/ strange relationship. Harper always stoned with pills, at home, refusing the outside world and Joe listening to all of her hallucinations of the current day. But then Louis and Prior’s relationship was more intriguing since it was profound, from the dialogues to how […]

  • I agree that Harper is a strange character always in another state of mind due to her Valium Addiction. I also believe that her husband Joe is in a tough situation from hiding his homo sexuality. Although all the characters seemed to be troubled by the events of life, Whether its Prior fighting his symptoms […]

  • I identify with the story” The secret life of Walter Mitty”. At first I was under the impression that he was having flashbacks as he went on his regular day. Then, I though that perhaps he was a veteran and he is suffering from a trauma. It was a good story for me because it […]

  • I agree with my colleagues that it was a happy ending. It has been a struggle between the past and the present and it seems that the present now took a deeper significance in the story. Sethe being freed from beloved, in a way it represents Sethe acknowledgment of her present and future. In addition, […]

  • The story is not told from the beginning to an end, but pieces of stories that the reader have to place together, like a puzzle. The stories told by Sethe and Paul D. reflects on the past but at times recalling the past as if it was happening in the present time. By reading the […]

  • I that it is annoying how Morrison seems to leave parts out of the story. With many things unclear in the story so far.. I don’t understand how Paul D falls into the picture?… As for Denver, her character gives me the chills. Another part of the story that I am unclear of is ” […]

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    I belive that Zachariah was the more sympathetic one. His character left a sense of what it was to be black , Standing all day, the hard work, the hard life. The pain in his feet, his longing dreams, the enjoyment of the small moments( when he spoke about Minnie). It was a sad story […]

  • “This be the Verse” by Larkin, I believe the author in just 12 lines describes the conflicts in the world. I think that this poem can be interpret in many ways and perhaps that was his intention. I think that he express his feelings about humanity and his shares his disagreements with us.

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    It seems to me that he is talking about the chaos in the world. Different ethic groups, religion, political system, immigrants and the interconnection they form. ” Who burned cigarrete holes in their arms protesting the narcotic tobacco haze of capitalism” . I believe that he is referring to all the abuses and sufferings that […]

  • The Swimmer” To me it was a sad but realistic story. Ned was re living in his mind moments of his past when times were good. To me this is a realistic story because it can happen to any of us. The sudden change in life, the unexpected. It seemed to me that Ned’s misfortunes […]

  • I agree that part I of the book, helps us understand the characters as a nation of people that share the same beliefs and interest. It was particulary interesting to me how the author explains to us through the stories the political order of this clan/ clans. They had order even though it entailed some […]

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