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    Fortunately, I obtained more sources to support my thesis. I’ve added some stitching and need to do more of that. Then, there is the resurrection of Ligeia and the conclusion. Busy, busy.

  • I remember feeling a sense of panic the first evening we met, when you said we had to write down our dreams.  For me to sit down and write memoir style like this is a pleasure.  But I would have had to remember dreams in order to write and remembering my dreams was not something […]

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    Spring represents a new beginning. The dream feels like having someone there would be a wish-fulfillment as Freud undoubtedly would say… but waking, perhaps your not ready for this beginning just yet. Now, June 1st is a whole different ball game.

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    Those of us who are civil, have a difficult time understanding the irrationality of violence. I think we could look to Hartmann here, and see the dream as a way of problem solving. Or a lucid dream where we try on various solutions to see the best way to solve a problem. Your girlfriend taking […]

  • I read this dream several times. The first and second reading, I concluded as a cute dream, with no comment. On the next reading I was reminded of Virginia Woolf sitting in a room watching the, (was it a fly or a moth, or a spider) at the window. Finally, I get it. I now […]

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    Professor Tucker had told the class she was going to be absent the next time we were suppose to meet.  I remembered this when I walked into the classroom and she wasn’t there.  Alice Walker was sitting at the teacher’s desk but she looked like Whoopi Goldberg.  To the other students coming in the teacher […]

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    Stephen La Berge’s “The World of Lucid Dreaming” seems like it would be an interesting book.  La Berge work steps away from the scholarly sources we have been reading to address the individual seeking to enhance their life experience through dreaming. While reading, I realized I sometimes have dreams like that, I am aware in […]

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    The Dali exhibit on Campus was quite interesting as is the Dali blog on the course website.  The Worlds Fair exhibit in Queens, 1939 must have been a real shock to our society with it’s sexual content; spread legs, and bare breasts, after all this isn’t France or New Orleans.  It’s hard to believe such […]

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    Its amazing how in dreams we don’t follow conventional social boundaries. You touch him in what seems inappropriate in an awake state, yet with the awareness between you and him that it is not a sexual gesture. This seems similar to my being in bed with a stranger playing lets make a deal, I knew […]

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    It sounds like you were in an REM sleep when this dream occurred with all its clarity. The stunt contest seems like it could be you had anxiety about something you needed to prove yourself fit for, perhaps midterm exam anxiety. A lot of times anxiety will make food seem unpleasant, worms instead of chicken.

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    Well, that dream was most certainly a wish fulfillment of mine. As I’ve never been abroad and I am a foreign language idiot. What an odd venue, to be seeing us all through a snow globe. And all I can think is you responding, “No frankie,” looking back into the globe, “sorry you weren’t there.” […]

  • Here you have school in the past, present, and future. It’s nice that in your dream you get to try on Graduate school even with the man bleeding all over you and resting his head on your shoulder. I’d say it is better than you being the one bleeding! Your dream is a way of […]

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