• Came to the blog to get some insight on final paper and realized I didn’t blog the last blog. Whoops. Know I won’t get credit for it, but I’ll do it. FOR THE NOSTALGIA. I agree with everyone that the novel failed as an epic but I don’t think the novel failed in a novel […]

  • I enjoyed the explanation on an earlier post that his sense of great self was literally and figuratively blown to bits with the rest of his family. Ironically right before he goes on to describe “vacant” Saleem he reminds us with Padma that he will later on become/go back to the self-absorbed Saleem we all […]

  • Well, after reading the essays assigned for Midnight’s Children we know Saleem doesn’t ever really succeed in uniting India and making it the happiest place on Earth, but the way the story is told is still intriguing, with the cliffhangers everywhere. I don’t really have a question other than, “What’s going to happen next?” even […]

  • I think the most confusing thing so far has been the crazy family tree we’ve got going on. Sometimes I’m unaware of whose related to who, and maybe that’s what Rushdie wanted. Everyone to kind of meld together in India or something. Either way, sometimes I get lost with the family relations. Also because it’s […]

  • I think a lot of this book is very interesting and haven’t foind a most interesting yet. As there is now the scant hints of superpowers, it can only stand to get more interesting. One part I found kind of fun was Saleems gramps Aadam Aziz falling in love with Naseem. Love at first sight […]

  • We can definitely see where some of Padmas anger at the “lie” is. He is incredibly detail oriented, told her a whole story about a family and neglecting one fact that it is not his biological one. She was really interested the whole time, urging him to go on with the narrative, and feels a […]

  • Detail obsessed would be the way I put it. For some reason the narrator wants us to know everything to the dot. Maybe it will be explained why later? Either way you can tell from the very first line, where he is not satisfied with merely saying he was born in Bombay. He corrects himself […]

  • I think the interesting thing about that quote IS the fact that even though Lola appears to hate all these Trujillos she includes herself. It’s not a self-hating thing like Oscar has, but I think acknowledgement that she herself has acted on the Trujillo inside of her at one point.

  • A little late for this blog.. Slipped my mind while studying for midterms.. In any case, all comic book references were understood by me and almost made me sad since I did know them all. And since I DID, I choose option B to tell you guys a little bit about it. In the beginning, […]

  • Another case of the line between negative and positive. If we weigh out the aspects of what Yunior is doing and why, I think it bends over a bit into a positive light. While Yunior is doing this mostly for ulterior motives, we are also treated to knowing what kind of person Oscar is (and […]

  • First of all sometimes my thought processes are much like Oscars. Comparing things to comics, and weighing real life situations to them. I think the quote from Galactus speaking to the Watcher is beneficial in this novel in a number of ways. Not just because I think that comics are equal in value to high […]

  • I don’t know. Roy and Joe’s relationship was pretty interesting from the start. We can kind of see them becoming one another if they changed like.. one or two points in their personalities. But while pretty similar, they are vastly different. I think the LEAST interesting pairing was Hannah and Harper, as short as that […]

  • This was obviously written in a time when there was a foundational myth of AIDS and how it relates to homosexuals. Many Americans were very confused about how it was spread and basically attributed it to homosexual relations = AIDS. The characters are all interesting I think, Mr. Lies especially. The play on his name […]

  • I related most with “The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven” since I used to work at a 7-11 and much of the “training” they gave me was what to do if you get robbed. (Thankfully, it never happened. Then again, I didn’t do the late shift.) There was maybe 6 minutes to […]

  • GordonWTam commented on the blog post Beloved (Day 4) 9 years, 2 months ago

    I agree with Caitlyn that this was probably the “best” ending that could happen. A picture perfect moment with everyone smiling in the end and 124 turning into a mansion would NOT have been a good way to end this story. It’s about struggle and dealing with the ghosts of the past. Although at the […]

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