• I too am a little disappointed in the book. I thought it was going to be an epic-like novel, but ended up being something completely different and more complicated than it should have been. I wish we could have ended the semester with Things Fall Apart, because that was one of the best novels we’ve […]

  • Even though he did have amnesia after the so called “heroic” suicide mission, I think Saleem has actually stayed to his old ways. Even from the beginning of the Buddha chapter, he wants to be recognized and mourned for his problems. When he snaps out of it, he just jumps back into his storytelling about […]

  • One of the many things I do not understand is how old Saleem is in these chapters. Is he old enough to hit on Pia in this flashback? Also, I don’t know who is and who isn’t related anymore either.

  • I do agree maybe a little with Padma. Maybe she should have been told. On the other hand, it may not even be her business. It’s as if he were adopted, and they are still his family. Not that he is, but what if he WERE ashamed about being switched at birth? He’s entitled to […]

  • It seems Saleem doesn’t want you to miss a single bit of his story. He doesn’t want to be vague about the detail of his birthday in the very beginning of the first chapter, and also doesn’t edit out anything he says: “…no that won’t work” and “No, it’s important to be more…on the stroke […]

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    A phrase I came across was “Forget that hijo de la porra, that comehuevo” to describe Constantina. hijo de la porra in english is described as a son of a bitch, and comehuevo means ball-less, or some sort of homosexual reference. I still can’t make sense of the sentence because in english, it sounds like […]

  • I too agree with the reason for using the opening quote from fantastic four is to demonstrate the type of person Oscar is, which is a nerd.

  • Since I’ve already said Harper and Joe, I’m going to go with Belize and Roy this time. These two are totally different characters, but in a way, compliment each other at the same time. Belize seems to hate Roy, and visa versa, but Belize seems to be a person he could talk to, considering he […]

  • I’ve both read and watched this book/movie so many times. It is one of my favorites books (and movie). To me, Joe and Harper are the most interesting, and troubled characters. Joe’s a sexually confused republican mormon married to a Harper, and they are such a strange couple. I always feel like Harper is in […]

  • I do not identify with the story entirely, but “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” reminds me of escaping difficult or misleading times through my imagination. As Marissa said, I too would think if I had taken another direction in life, where would I be if i went to college for some other profession, or […]

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    I thought it was meant to bring about the structure of their past, and to let us know who they were then, and to remember them this certain way now. Beloved is also asking them questions about their past, so it’s much more idealistic to jump back in time when they lived in Sweet Home.

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    In metafiction, is there such thing as a trustworthy narrator? In No Name Woman, She heard the tale of her aunt, how she killed herself out of shame, according to her mother, but then later changed the story around to make her sound better than her mother described. It’s a nice way to make her […]

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    I thought the Poem with the strongest sense of identity came from Hughs’ “Dinner Guest: me.” it seems he was making a point about Being this black author who wrote about being black in a white society, which he is famous for. But now, he’s being celebrated by white people and has become one of […]

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    While I didn’t understand most of the poem either, I was curious as to why he used the asterisks after the word mother. Was it an important line he wanted noticed, or was it to censor a word? The poem wasn’t censored much to begin with, in fact not at all with all the sexual […]

  • A good man is hard to find is a short story that depicts God, in which the grandmother is supposedly this good christian woman, but acts negatively towards others, making her sound a bit phony in her ways. The story ultimately shows the foreshadowing of the family’s timely death, due to the grandma’s ignorant mistake […]