• The narrator is extremely meticulous when it comes to giving the reader details. It’s like even the smallest detail is important to getting to know his story. However I still find it very hard to keep up with the characters and also the story line.

  • Chapter 4 made me laugh the whole time. The way Yunior approached the “Oscar Redemption Program”. Like one of my classmates said his approach was definitely tough love. But I’m also why is it considered tough love because he would curse at him and not give up on O. I’m stuck between tough love and […]

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    I am fluent I’m Spanish but on page 151 I came upon this sentence. It’s a baka, a ciguapa, no, a haitiano! Had no clue what baka or ciguapa meant. So baka means to be foolish or basically an idiot. Ciguapa mean a mythological creature of Dominican folklore. They are described as having human female […]

  • Forgiveness and change is what is seen at the end of the play. The most interesting character for me is Harper. She at first seemed to be so dependent of her husband but at the end she was able to free herself from him and go on her way to rebuild herself and her life.

  • Almost all of the characters are interesting. Joe and Harper are a very interesting and strange couple. Harper is an addict who thinks its hopeless of her husband to stick around and help her because she’s a pill popper (addict). Joes is the most interesting character for me thou. He seems like he has a […]

  • I as many of my classmates also relate to the story, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. At first not at all because I had no idea what was going on. He went from doing one thing to another in a matter of minutes. Than I realized he was definitely day dreaming which explained it […]

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    I totally agree with my classmates. When the readers have an idea what the past was like, then we as readers can fully understand or at least have an idea why the character is the way they are. I truly believe the past has a great part of a persons present and future actions. If […]

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    I believe Zachariah would be the most sympathetic of the both. Not only because of his working conditions. Like a fellow classmate has mentioned, standing by a gate for hours, his feet in pain, etc but also the way he was spoken to by the white folks. Well, I don’t remember exactly if he specifically […]

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    I trust that what is being said by this young lady is true. There’s a lot said when one speaks about the past in a secretive manner. The mother could have kept this to herself. However I feel like she as a woman wanted her daughter to know what really happened to her “nonexistent aunt”. […]

  • “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been” can be either fiction or realistic. Connie is the main character who is introduced to the audience as a wity young lady who has done and seen it all. However as the story goes on you come to the realization that she is far from being an […]

  • I believe the second and third part of Things Fall Apart is extremely sad. Not for Okonkwo and his down spiralling failure like his father but because it describes how quickly the Ibo World starts to fall apart. Makes it seem like all the folktales, beliefs, and traditions were insignificant and disintegrate overnight. In the […]