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  • Over break I actually just read “Perks of Being a Wallflower” and then watched the movie. I, Obviously, was thinking about this class the entire time. I was wondering if anyone has read and seen the movie and their thoughts?

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    Hi Everyone,
    I am Jamie Rohr and this is my last semester in Queens College. I am an English Major and I had mentioned in class that my favorite movie was Inside Man. I am seriously starting to question that choice…

  • Saleem is ultimately defeated by his surroundings, instead of living a life with padma and his son, he breaks under the pressure. As much as I hate no happy ending, I have to give props where props are due. Never the easy choice to let the protagonist lose in the end. Says something much deeper […]

  • I guess I wonder If Saleem’s life is going to continue to be intertwined with that of India, or if he is going to develop more of a distinction between the two. I have a feeling if anything it is going to be more complicated and confusing, of whether or not it is his history […]

  • I also think that the amount of characters and their names are throwing me off a bit and making it a little bit harder for me to keep track. I wish I could say something more intense but I have to start at the most basic and acknowledge that the role of each character and […]

  • I find the connection to pickles very intriguing, and a little bit confusing. Is there a greater significance to pickles that I am unaware of? On page 62, Saleem is dreaming of a pickle factory, twice and then when he awakes, Padma brings him food, among which she has brought pickles!Thats interesting

  • I agree with Erika. While it may seem strange to us, someone who dies protecting their beliefs should be honored and seen with respect. They have enough conviction to go against the norm and stand up for what they believe in. That alone warrants an honorable mention.

  • It is kind of hard to decide who is right in this situation. On a very technical level, The people Saleem has been calling his family isnt actually his family. But on every other level, he is their son. He was raised under their roof, learned from them. It is just a question of genetics […]

  • So I couldnt help but think when reading about Saleem, is that the way he describes himself is almost as if he sees himself as G-d. His ability to see things that no one else can see, even more specifically all at the same time is a very godlike quality. I grew up learning that […]

  • I think Lola just felt betrayed by her country. I think she felt that every Dominican is their own personal Trujillo, igniting the curse onto others. The fact that it was not made into a big deal by the authorities and there was no guilt by the people who did it that this is something […]

  • I liked Yunior’s no nonsense approach to helping Oscar. He wasnt sugar coating it for his benefit, he was simply being a real friend and saying it as it was. He was tough on him but not in a mean way, almost like tough love. He wasnt babying Oscar, which probably effected him positively.

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    Since I am in no way a comic book buff, a reference to anything comic book-ey goes right over my head. So when it says on page 94 that Beli’s desirability is like a power, and knowing this was “like stumbling into the wizard Shazam’s cave”, this is completely lost on me because I do […]

  • The beginning paragraphs of Oscar Wao are dedicated to showing you how much of a geek Oscar Wao is. He is an avid comic book reader and loves the fantasy and sci-fi world. So it is of no surprise that the author chooses to have his opening quote from Fantastic Four. It is taking something […]

  • I like Roy and Belize’s relationship because it is one of mutual disgust, while simultaneously, of mutual respect. Their dynamic is entertaining and there is a common ground that leaves both of them on the same page. They seem to understand each other, and a relationship that is stemmed from hate usually develops and encompasses […]

  • Harper seems to be the character that is most intriguing to me. Her foundational myth is that she is a drug addict who stays home all day, getting high. To me though, the brilliance behind her rants makes it so much more interesting than a mere hallucination. She is almost too smart to be having […]

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