• While the story did start out somewhat promising, it basically ended with no purpose. I was looking forward to seeing the Midnights Children develop powers and bring unity and peace to a nation that was divided. At first I thought the parallels that Saleem made of his life to that of the major events in […]

  • Saleems amnesia comes from getting hit with the family spittoon and leave him without any recollection of his past. I believe his “amnesia” if he really has it stems from the violence he comes to face with. The bombing that kills his entire family, is so traumatic to him that it leads him to suppress […]

  • When Saleem moves to Pakistan he looses his telepathy but his nose gain a new sense of powers, like he can detect peoples characters through smells. Also I found it wierd that he fell in love with his sister after she started singing. His love for her is wierd even though they are not blood […]

  • Here I would have to agree with my classmates, I think it is sad and ironic that Dr. Narlikar died from the tetrapod, which created more land, but at the same time creates more space for inhabitants.

  • I also agree with Saleem because its not his fault he was switched at birth. I believe that the people who raise you, are you real parents. And I also believe that your environment can greatly influence your fate.

  • So far I see Saleem to be a very detailed narrator, it almost seems like he is telling the story to someone so it can be published, but in fact he is telling the story to Padma. He talks about his birth in a detailed manner, relating it to history, he writes “my father broke […]

  • I believe the reason Lola makes the comparison of the Trujillos to her own people is becuase of all the violence she has seen from her own people. Every member of her family seemed to be a victim to violence and the unjust cultural practices. By the end of the novel when Oscar passes away, […]

  • I believe the reson Lola makes the comparison of the Trujillos is becuase of all the violence she has seen from her own people. Her mother was beaten up by Trujillos’s people, her grandfather was also imprisoned and tortured by the Trujillos and then her brother died because of the captain, who is also a […]

  • I believe Yunior’s mission was both positive and negative. Positive in the sense that he took charge and told Oscar how it is. He didnt take any bull shit from Oscar. But his approach was not good, he obviously had alterior motives and when Oscar gave up he left him and hindered Oscar’s relationship with […]

  • A word that I came across was “Plátano Curtain” which I tried to google but the only thing I came across was Rafael Trujillo and the bloody regime he ruled with in the Dominican Republic. In “The Brief, Wondorous Life Of Oscar Wao,” Beli wants to run away from her life but is unable due […]

  • I believe the author uses scifi becuase it is relatable to the main character Oscar. Oscar is a nerd and his interests in comic books seems to be because of his lack of social life in school. From the way the author describes Oscar it seems his intrest in the wifi is a result of […]

  • I find Belize and Roy to have the most interesting relationship, especially because their personalities are so different. Despite their hate for one another they seem to be comical together. And even though Roy is rude and obnoxious Belize still has a soft spot for him and continus to care for him.

  • The speaker I most identify with is Walter Mitty. Even though at first I was confused as to whether he was actually navigating a ship or was waiting on his wife at the hairdresser’s, I figured out that he was daydreaming. Walter Mitty’s imagination is wild and endless, which to me is what my childhood […]

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    I thought the ending was very appropriate. I was glad to see Denver mature and become a functioning member of society. Also Beloved’s departure from 124 was the only way for Sethe and Denver to move forward. In the end when Seth is saying that Beloved was “her best thing” she is reminded by Paul […]

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    I also believe that the second part is confusing becuase i dont understand who is narrating , also there is a lack of structure it seems like who ever is speaking is just rambling about the past.

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    I believe Morrison chose to write the book in poles because it gives a greater understanding of the characters. In order to understand the characters, we must understand their past, because the past shapes the future. Seth’s past clearly haunts her and her ability to move on because she cannot let go of her dead […]

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    The first thing that confuses me in Morrison’s story are the dissappearance of Baby Suggs sons, Howard and Buglar. Also the jump back and forth between the past and present. One minute the grandmother is dead, another instance where she is requesting color. Also I dont understand who is narrating the story Sethe herself or […]

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    I find Zach to be the more sympathetic character because he is doing all the labor to help his brother live his dreams. Even though Morris does in help him out around the house, he seems to be carrying the heavier load. And because he is darker and cannot pass for white like his brother […]

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    I believe Kingston’ s story about “No Name Woman” because the ideals in the story are very prominent in old cultures. Stories, such as the one told to Kingston by her mother, are very common. The dilemma that her aunt faces because of her actions is something many women face even today. Because Kingston doesn’t […]

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    The poem with the weakest sense of identity is “Dinner Guest Me” by Langston Hughes. In this poem Hughes writes about the “Negro Problem,” which in this case he seems to have a difficult time answering himself. The poem describes the lavish life he is living, “being wined and dined” by the white people but […]

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