• Alright, well, that was utterly depressing. I was really hoping that there was going to be a turn around in this story. Saleem is boasting till his death and then just kind of gives up, he lets all those people who have been in his life tear him apart. He accepts that being a midnight’s […]

  • Saleem not remembering parts of his past is a good explanation for him not to talk about how great he is, he can’t boast about something he can’t remember. This is definitely a low point for Saleem, he lost his entire family, his home, his country (in a sense) and he’s lost his memory. I […]

  • Reading more than half of this book it’s obvious Saleem has this mindset that he is very important to India and his life story must be told. But this line bothered me to the fullest extent: “Let me state this quite unequivocally: it is my firm conviction that the hidden purpose of the Indo-Pakistani was […]

  • The entire chapter of ‘Revelation’ is just a big pot full of people who are all (I guess) related or connected to Hanif. I feel like this chapter should have been split, to have the conflict with Pia and Reverend Mother and then Mary finally admit she switched Shiva and Saleem should in one chapter […]

  • Dr. Narlikar’s death I find t be tragic because he was trying to accomplish something that would be beneficial for India, even if he was against the religion. He saw India from a realistic point of view knowing that if babies were to be born at the rate it was going to, there would be […]

  • I have to agree with Saleem on this one, even though he was switched at birth and his “parents” aren’t biologically his he can still call him his parents; it wouldn’t be fair to call him a liar for something he is completely aware of. Yes, he thinks that his not-biological father’s misfortunes are his […]

  • I like the tone Rushdie sets up for the reader, Saleem seems very personable. I’m not fond of how self-absorbed he is though; him thinking that his birth reflects the status of his country I think is a bit dramatic on his part. Jumping from story to story at points had me confused so I […]

  • Lola is extremely angry that Oscar was killed by capitan and compares the brutality of that towards the old dictator Trujillo. Lola says that all Dominicans are like this because she has a hatred for her culture now and even states that she’ll never visit there ever again. It was extremely irrational for Oscar to […]

  • I think Yunior’s intentions in the beginning were negative only because he decided to help out Oscar after he got caught cheating an he was bored. Of course Yunior ends up really caring about Oscar’s improvement and is angry when Oscar wants to give up. I feel as though Yunior’s actions may have been the […]

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    One word I came across was “melniboiĆ©n” on pg. 89 when the narrator is describing Jack Pujols. When I went to research I found that it has a lot more meaning than I thought it would. Being melniboiĆ©n means non humans who are characterized as beautiful, and full of magic. Obviously Jack is being admired […]

  • Out of all the relationships throughout this play, I think Roy and Belize’s relationship is the most interesting. Belize despises Roy for numerous reasons and that is likewise for Roy toward Belize. Belize has no choice but to help Roy in the hospital because of his job, but he offers Roy advice out of pity […]

  • Joe and Harper Pitt fascinate me; probably the weirdest couple I have read about so far. Joe is a sexually confused mormon trying to pretend he is straight, while his wife is also a mormon living in this high fantasy most of the time. Her interaction with this figure “Mr. Lies” and how he only […]

  • Out of all the stories and poems we had to read for today, I mostly identify with “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” (like most of the class it seems). Walter turned his boring afternoon with his wife into multiple adventures; I find myself doing the same thing sometimes. It’s nice to let your imagination […]

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    I’m so glad Denver finally got herself involved with the community, this needed to happen. Though the ending was strange, I think it was a happy ending. Sethe was freed from Beloved (even though it’s going to take some time), Paul D comes back for Sethe, and Denver can finally grow up. The only thing […]

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    After reading all of Part I, I feel like Morrison bounces between Sweet Home and 124 because it is Sethe’s thought process. The reader gets different character perspectives but most of it comes from Sethe’s point of view. I don’t think Sethe has put Sweet Home out of her mind because it was so traumatizing […]

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    It seems like Morrison has a tendency to leave parts out of the story. Beloved’s arrival is just strange in general, is it Sethe’s reincarnated daughter? There is a lot of evidence that could support it until she wants to have sex with Paul D. If she was a reincarnated child she wouldn’t be demanding […]

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    In the short story No Name Woman, I feel like I can trust the author. She is re-telling a story that was told to her by her mother. The only thing I really keep in mind is that oral story telling always changes. The story her mother told and the story she relays to her […]

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    In the poem, ‘This Be The Verse” I felt that there wasn’t a sense of identity and that is why he put so much anger towards parents and people of an older generation. The most he can identify with himself and others is that everyone is miserable. In the poem ‘We Real Cool’ there is […]

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    After reading, “The Howl” I was left confused but I enjoyed the poem at the same time. Part II is where I was the most lost, I do not understand why the word “Moloch” was used in apart every line; I wish I knew what he was referring to. All in all, I liked this […]

  • Out of the three short stories that we were given, the most realistic one seems to be Oats’ “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” Connie ran into Arnold Friend once and he seemed to have stalked her in order to find out where she lived and knew that she would be home alone. […]

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