• Pather Pancheli is a bengali picture that was released in India in 1955. The movie was directed by Satyajit Ray, a director who was influenced by Italian Neorealism.  His initial encounter was his trip to London where he stayed for six months and saw a whole range of movies from different genres. He stated later […]

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    I am truly breathless… This movie seemed so different from any movie we have seen so far. It was truly a good portrayal of the French New Wave. The movie seemed spontaneous yet organized at the same time, a truly peculiar characteristic. The movie seemed to have little to no plot but yet was interesting […]

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    Thanks for taking the time to read the post! I greatly appreciate it!

  • One word… NEOREALISM! This movie was gushing forth the essence of neorealism. Umberto D looks nothing compared to this. The whole movie from beginning to end was like a documentary of the life of Appu and his family. From the beginning we are thrown into their live, from when Appu is born. We are forced […]

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    Simply…amazing! What a great movie. I have heard a lot about this movie prior to watching it and knew that it was one of THE classic movie when it comes to horror and suspense films. There were so many things about this movie that amazed me and I don’t know where to start so I’ll […]

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    I completely agree with you that this movie was the most dreamcatic movie since Citizen Kane. You are right about the example int he beginning of the women. The drama in this movie was so exhilarating all throughout the movie, further intensified by the unique cinematography. You are right about the colors and what they […]

  • The first color movie that we have watched so far, but it is unlike any color movie I have ever watched! This movie was made when color pictures were a new thing and the technology they used was quite different from now. When watching the movie this is quite evident because it seems that the colors […]

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    You made a great comparison for the scene where Jean is scared of Pike’s snake. It is truly funny to see thr irony here as Jean wants to harm him while the snake is the harmless one. Great post, it was a fun read!

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    I totally agree with you in that the movie was a light and simple movie, therefore enjoyable. I liked your comparison of the married women and the unmarried women. You are right, the married women were shown as traditional and the unmarried women were shown as modern. I guess the reason for that was becuase […]

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    You made a great observation of the part in the scene where the tall man is speaking or rather accusing the old man of being the murderer. You are right that when the camera is looking upward at the tall man and downward toward the old man indeed does an excellent shot of portraying visually […]

  • Great review. Really detailed and clear. You portrayed the image of the scene close to flawlessly. I reallyliked your comparison of his height to his ego which eventually leads to his demise. Besides this I liked your use of analogy of the long strands of paper and the chains that bind him. I guess you […]

  • Citizen Kane was released in the year 1941. Its production was began in 1940 and was completed by 1941. It was produced and released by RKO Pictures. It remains one of the greatest movies ever made and is known as the masterpiece of all the movies directe by Orson Welles. There is no doubt that the movie is […]

  • I loved this movie. The director Yasujiro Ozu does a remarkable job in placing the audience with the Mamiya family. The director was known to be someone who believes in eliciting the emotions of the audience without unnecessary drama and it is clear from seeing the movie how he applies his ideals into the making of […]

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    I agree with you in that this movie was a masterpiece. You are absolutely right in saying that Lorre’s character is fueled by our imagination. We know through symbolic images that this is the case. i.e. when we see the balloon being tangled in the wire as you said. I believe that the director has […]

  • Nice post Moshe. I felt the same way about the movie as I felt the movie would be slow and would fail to elicit any feelings from me. I was quite shocked as to how dramatic the movie was and how successful it was in making the audience moved by Umberto D’s acting and simple […]

  • You are absolutely right in the saying that he treated his mother with respect but treated other women in a vile manner. This might be so because he looked as them as tools for pleasure or rather trophies to be won rather than women who will bear his child. He loved and respected his mother […]

  • This was definately a great movie. I really enjoyed it. There were several things about this movie that made it so fun to watch, not to mention the fact that it had action and was a ganster themed movie to say the least. One of the things that I noted was the stark contrast of […]

  • I totally agree with you about the fact the the movie in a way seemed like a threat from the U.S. government so as to deter the common man from committing crimes and viewing the gangsters as role models. The 1930’s like before were hard times but even worse due to the great depression. The […]

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    GREAT movie. Yet another fun movie we watched. Loved the acting of all the characters specially Barbara Stanwyck’s acting of the con artist Jean Harrington. She definately put life into the film and was the central character of the film. There were definately some really funny scenes in the movie for example when Charles Pike keeps […]

  • This is quite late for an introduction being the third week of class but. its better late than never as they say:).  I am a pre-med student and currently a sophmore. My major is undecided but am thinking of either economics or accounting. What am I doing in this class? Simply put, I love movies […]

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