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    You seem to have done a thorough job thinking through what your study will entail, and ensuring the legality of your study. Great job. My one question is where will you be obtaining pictures of the past to compare you pictures with? Meaning, whose pictures will you be using? How will you get them? etc

  • Wow! These pictures are great. I think you did a great job capturing different parts of the wedding, and it looks like you had a lot of fun in the process. Just glancing at these pictures makes me want to learn more about the 2 weddings that you attended and I am excited to hear […]

  • Thumbnail, from East 100th Street, 1966″], from East 100th Street, 1966″]

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    Sarah and I have started the interview process. Interestingly, so far it seems that most of the answers we received are similar. There seems to be a “universal” opinion of beautiful features (such as long hair, brightly colored eyes, straight white teeth etc). An interesting note is also that our study focuses on physical beauty but […]

  • Here are some questions we are going to ask our participants: 1. define what you think characterizes a beautiful person? 2. Please rate the following pictures in order from most to least beautiful and explain your response to the best of your ability. 3.- what was considered beautiful when you were growing up and/or  has […]

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    Langlois, J.H., & Ritter, J.M., Roggman, L.A., Vaughn, L.S. (1991). Facial diversity and infant preferences for attractive faces. Developmental Psychology, 27 (1), 79-84. This article examined infant preferences for attractive faces. This is an interesting study and relates to our project because we want to study whether the perception of beauty changes with age. Infant preferences […]

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    What is the goal of Deep Dish TV? The objective of this group is to provide raw real information and footage (Video) of what would not be shown on regular TV. It provides means of communication to the public about current topics. As stated on their website, “With humor, passion, creative flair and very low […]

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    I thought that the case study of visuals on Barrone Street was a very interesting study.  In New Orleans, people were using visual methods (for example graffiti) to voice their political and social opinions. Radtke chose to study these images and what they symbolized. The research was done while the researcher was bike riding through […]

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    What are you planning on taking pictures of? It is great that you already received permission from the bridge to take pictures of the wedding. You should look in to whether you need permission from other individuals that will be in your pictures? For example, if you take a picture of 2 individuals dancing – […]

  • There are several ethical considerations involved in our study. Part of our methodology will involve showing participants pictures of people and having them comment on whether the people in the pictures are beautiful, in their eyes, or not. Therefore we must make sure that the pictures of the people that we use were collected ethically […]

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