• Mughal E Azam Song Mughal-E-Azam  is one of the greatest and the most well known Bollywood film directed and produced by K.Asif.  This is typical Bollywood movie that lasts for about 3 hours long and of course it has to be a musical. What would we do with a Bollywood film without songs and dancing! (sarcasm) The […]

  • “Breathless” also known as “ A Bout de Soufflé” created by Jean-Luc Godard in the year of 1960 is a great example of a French New Wave film (nouvelle vague). Godard himself was a Cahiers du Cinema director. Directors like Godard accentuate on the actual methods used in the film instead of the plot. In Breathless, the plot is literally […]

  • Sigh… Breathless. I have to say this movie has been my favorite movie that we have watched in the class so far. It had my full attention the whole time. Even during that long, dragging bedroom scene. I didn’t even realize it was dragging till it finished and I thought to myself “wait did that last […]

  • I wanted to screammm when his monotone voice was literally poking at my ears and when he whispered! Was he whispering or did I go crazy with his original voice? I didn’t find the one moving shot, how sad sigh. Where was it?

  • OMG btw why and what does ur button for posting mean “abschicken” lol or am i seeing things?

  • It’s funny when a person like me who has started out watching Bollywood films before Hollywood films, I was like “where are the songssss”. You get used to the musical attempt of bollywood films. Actually, I watch a lot of bollywood films still and I have go to say most of the films success depends […]

  • Let me first say that Pather Panchali wouldn’t be the best definition of a “bollywood” film. I have watched literally every bollywood film known to mankind. This is more like those categorize in the “artsy” film section.  We have separate award shows for these films lol. Well anyways most bollywood films are about 3 to 4 […]

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    I noticed repition of some of the shots as well. Especially, when the camera was in the back of the hallway pointing to the entry of the kitchen which is the only area lit up. I can practically draw out that shot by heart, that’s how well I remember it because it was shown so […]

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    Yes! I’m not the only person who thought that the movie we would be watching would be an full-on action film. I was also shocked when I saw how “plain” this movie was, I was expecting some karate moves because in the present thats what Japanese films or more likely films with Japanese characters are […]

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    I agree, with it being dull at points because there hardly was any story to it. I didn’t even realize he ignored the 180 degree rule even though it was mentioned in class but it shows that it’s not necessary in a film because it doesn’t affect the viewer in a different way. I actually […]

  •   In “ The Lady Eve ” (Preston Sturges, Paramount, 1941), the scene of the dinner party for Lady Eve makes use of medium shots, diegetic and synchronous sound to help convey the romantic comedy genre without disobeying The Hays Office Production code. The Motion Pictures Patent Company moved from New York to Hollywood and in surprise these […]

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    That was a funny scene. If you were to watch that scene over, you would never expect him to throw it. Thinking about how women were back then compared to now. Women are more forward otherwise if a man did that to a women right now his face would end up in his plate as […]

  •   First off, I have a huge question that I need the answer to. Why was the movie called “ Early Summer ”? I guess the movie took place in the summer time but what did that have to do with anything about the story. Speaking of story there hardly was any story. I felt the plot […]

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    You mentioned a great point comparing the movie to the present recession. I didn’t even think of that. At first, I got annoyed at the fact he kept trying to stay at that one place. I mean if he was getting kicked out he could have just gone to find a different place. Now, that […]

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    I was listening! I think you were the one who said you were crying :(. It was emotional , it’s almost as if you could feel Umberto’s emotions even though you really couldn’t see them since he hardly had any facial expressions in my view. Flike, was like the superhero of this movie! Especially at […]

  •   I have to say when Professor Herzog stated that the movie would be about a man trying to pay his rent, I thought the movie would be a drag. I was shocked when it finished because it actually caught my attention throughout the whole movie. You would think a character such as Umberto would […]